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How This Indian Health-tech Startup Roped in Twitter Co-founder Biz Stone

Visit has raised a new round of funding from Twitter Co-founder Biz Stone.

Nidhi Singh

Innovative Ways Brands Can Use Twitter Bots to Revolutionize Customer Engagement

Twitter bots are a revolutionary innovation that the brands are integrating in today's digital era.

Nidhi Singh

Does the Future of Indian Banking Lie in Chatbots?

The next big thing in customer service in banking is the use of artificial intelligence to create chatbots for easy user experience

Sanchita Dash

Automation Is Not Tomorrow -- It's Today

Automation is accelerating to a point where it will soon threaten our social fabric and way of life. We must find new ways to organize ourselves independent of the values that the marketplace assigns to each and every one of us.

Andrew Yang

What Start-ups Can Look Forward to From WhatsApp for Business?

The new WhatsApp for Business can be a great way for customers to reach out to these businesses to get their grievances resolved

4 Essential Business Relationships That Artificial Intelligence Is Better at Than You Are

AI isn't just a tool for pragmatic business decisions; it can leverage working relationships, too.

Jake Croman

6 Emerging Content Marketing Trends Every Start-up Needs to Know in 2018

The consumption of podcasts has been steadily growing to mainstream levels

Saurabh Kanwar

Optimize the Value of Existing Customers With Facebook's Built-in Tools

Make the most of low-cost options to engage customers, build lookalike lists of promising leads and measure your results.

Syed Balkhi

Top Technology Trends That Will Impact the Fintech Industry in the Next 5 Years

Fintech companies are widely using biometrics to provide quick and secured financial services on-the-go

Aditya Kumar

Getting Personal: 3 Steps to Personalizing Your Automated Email Campaigns

You'll win more business with personalized automated email campaigns -- here's how to do it.

Ready or Not, It's Time to Embrace AI

Focus less on what could go wrong and more on what AI can do for you.

Reshu Rathi