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Avoid These 3 Tempting Habits For Remote Work Productivity

Working from home can be great if you don't sabotage your working hours with these three big mistakes.

The 2022 Holiday Season Will Bring A Shift In Consumer Behavior. Here are 3 Ways You Can Prepare

This year's holiday season will set new records for retailers and consumers. These strategies can help brands navigate the shifting tide of retail as they weather economic uncertainty.

Jacob Loveless

How to Capitalize on Current Trends and Get Featured In Media

Turns out, a killer story with a creative twist isn't enough to get your pitch accepted. Here's how to really pique a journalist's attention.

Natasha Zo

How to Manage the Supply and Demand of New Content

Technological innovation is nothing without creativity.

Matt Cimaglia

Consumers Aren't Willing to Give Up Convenience to Shop Their Values

We claim to make buying decisions based on our values, but in reality, most people are swayed by fast shipping and the lowest price.

Kate Isler

The Return to Brick and Mortar in 2022

53% of American adults state that they feel very comfortable and safe going back to shopping malls and physical stores.

Murali Nethi

2021, The Year That Was: Edward Sabbagh, VP, Marketplace, Farfetch

For a company whose mission is to be "the global platform for luxury fashion," Farfetch has been steadfastly adhering to this goal in 2021, and its efforts in this regard have certainly borne fruit for the enterprise this year.

Aby Sam Thomas

A New Type of Chatbot User Is On the Rise

Chatbot usage is on the rise and two types of chatbot users have emerged: Standard Users and Power Users. This article explores these two types of users and the history of chatbots.

Mahesh Ram

Ecommerce Is the New Normal. Here's What That Means for Entrepreneurs

3 strategies to strengthen your ecommerce approach to meet changing customer expectations.

Saagar Govil

5 Winning Habits and How to Develop Them

Transitioning a routine into a habit is complex and requires consistent, dedicated effort to accomplish.

Brian H. Robb

Retail Sales Fall In July, Driven by Sharp Drop In Auto Buying

Excluding automobiles, gasoline, building materials, and food services, retail sales fell 1.0 percent in July after an upwardly revised 1.4 percent increase in June.

The Epoch Times

How to Use Digital Consumer Psychology to Stand Out From the Competition

With more people shopping online than ever before, it's time to use digital consumer psychology to your advantage.