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Beware Growing Retail Fraud

The National Retail Federation estimates that retail fraud cost the industry $9.6 billion in 2009.

Gwen Moran

· 4 min read

Three Steps to Effective Sales Promotions

Get customers out of a holding pattern with a top-notch campaign.

Barbara Findlay Schenck

· 4 min read

10 Marketing Trends for 2010

Use these tips to bring every aspect of your message to a worldwide audience.

Susan Gunelius

· 5 min read

Dress Up Your Online Store for the Holidays

These tips will give your customers--and your business--plenty of reasons to celebrate the season.

· 4 min read

Expand Your Customer Base With Coupons

Frugality is top of the mind for today's consumers.

Jennifer Wang

· 2 min read

Insider Deals: Sweet, If You Can Score Them

You don't have to be a PC vendor's friend, relative, or employee to snag deals that were created for the benefit of exclusive groups of insiders.

· 5 min read
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Syndicating Your Coupons

Create, manage and send out coupons to prospects with an online service.

Gwen Moran

· 1 min read

The Coupon Offer in Action

Get attention--and motivate prospects to buy--with creative coupons.

Al Lautenslager

· 5 min read