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Money & Finance

How Covid-19 Put a Magnifying Glass on Business Interruption Insurance

Businesses acquire business interruption insurance as a safeguard, but in this day and age, there could be new complexities that leave you unprotected during crises such as fires, tornadoes and even a pandemic like Covid-19. Here's what you need to know to protect your business.


Apple posterga su plan para que los empleados regresen a la oficina tres días a la semana

El alza en casos de COVID-19 en California hace que la empresa reconsidere la medida que no ha sido popular sus empleados.

News and Trends

HCL Is Banking On These Five Objectives To Lead Growth

One of our first objectives is to demonstrate leadership through differentiated products and services: C Vijayakumar, CEO, HCL Technologies

Health & Wellness

Bill Gates announces that he has COVID-19

The businessman, an active promoter of vaccination, uploaded a message on Twitter to notify that he is sick.


Bill Gates anuncia que tiene COVID-19

El empresario, uno promotor activo de la vacunación subió un mensaje de Twitter para notificar que está enfermo.

Thought Leaders

Should You Bring Employees Back to the Office?

As Covid-19 restrictions ease, businesses are on the fence when it comes to bringing employees back to the office. Here are the top reasons for The Great Return and tips to make it a success.


¿Deberías llevar a los empleados de vuelta a la oficina?

A medida que disminuyen las restricciones de Covid-19, las empresas están indecisas cuando se trata de traer empleados de regreso a la oficina. Estas son las principales razones de El Gran Regreso y consejos para que sea un éxito.

Business News

Expedia or Bookings Holdings: Which Stock Should You Travel With?

In this article, we're going to look at Expedia and Booking Holdings. Both reported earnings this week so it's a good time to look at which of these stocks, if...


Dinamarca se convierte en el primer país en detener su programa de vacunación contra el COVID-19

La decisión se toma con un 89% de la población adulta con el esquema de vacunación completo.

Health & Wellness

Denmark becomes the first country to stop its vaccination program against COVID-19

The decision is made with 89% of the adult population with the complete vaccination schedule.

Thought Leaders

It's Time To Reclaim Your Dysfunctional Relationship With Covid-19

Where we are in the pandemic, what business owners and entrepreneurs have learned, their options, and how they can focus on what they can control.


Es hora de recuperar su relación disfuncional con Covid-19

Dónde estamos en la pandemia, qué han aprendido los empresarios y empresarios, sus opciones y cómo pueden enfocarse en lo que pueden controlar.

Science & Technology

How Digital Tools Can Help Prevent Healthcare-Provider Burnout

As hospitals face staff shortages, here are three potential digital-technology solutions they can adapt that will benefit workers and patients, too.


Cómo las herramientas digitales pueden ayudar a prevenir el agotamiento de los proveedores de atención médica

A medida que los hospitales enfrentan escasez de personal, aquí hay tres posibles soluciones de tecnología digital que pueden adaptar y que también beneficiarán a los trabajadores y pacientes.

Starting a Business

A Roller Coaster Ride: The Ups And Downs Of Building A Startup During Uncertain Times

By discussing five of the biggest challenges his tech startup faced during the COVID-19 crisis, Swae founder Soushiant Zanganehpour delves deep into the many nuances of keeping a business afloat during unprecedented crises.