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How to Successfully Reach the 'New Next' Instead of Chasing the 'Old Normal'

Why this latter-stage pandemic era offers an invaluable opportunity to move from rapidly adapting to boldly planning the future.


Cómo alcanzar con éxito el 'nuevo próximo' en lugar de perseguir la 'vieja normalidad'

Por qué esta última etapa de la era pandémica ofrece una oportunidad invaluable para pasar de una rápida adaptación a una planificación audaz del futuro.

Business News

Bitcoin Price Falls Below $57,000 as Omicron News Batters the Market

Ongoing reports of the globally spreading Covid-19 variant have hit stocks and cryptocurrencies hard in recent days.

Growing a Business

4 Ways the Pandemic Changed Our Approach to Human Capital

The pandemic was the catalyst for a series of rapid changes that fundamentally altered the way business is done.

Estrategias de crecimiento

Cuatro formas en que la pandemia cambió nuestro enfoque del capital humano

La pandemia fue el catalizador de una serie de cambios rápidos que alteraron fundamentalmente la forma de hacer negocios.

Thought Leaders

What a Post-Pandemic Return to Office Spaces Will Look Like for Commercial Real-Estate Entrepreneurs

If you invest in commercial real estate, you'll want to familiarize yourself with real-estate trends that will affect your bottom line.


Cómo se verá el regreso a los espacios de oficina después de una pandemia para los emprendedores de bienes raíces comerciales

Si invierte en bienes raíces comerciales, querrá familiarizarse con las tendencias inmobiliarias que afectarán sus resultados.

Business News

Record Number of Workers Quit Jobs to Become Self-Employed Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

As of October, there were about 9.44 million unincorporated self-employed individuals in the United States, as per the Bureau's data.

Business News

Amazon Accused of Massively Underreporting Covid Cases Contracted at Work

In October 2020, Amazon released a report to employees stating that 19,816 of its 1.4 million frontline U.S. employees had tested positive for the virus.

Health & Wellness

Global Economy 'Collectively Holding Its Breath' Over Omnicron Variant, CEO Says

The World Health Organization labeled the Covid-19 strain a 'variant of concern.'


Make Your Vax, Mask and Office Decisions With Kindness and Generosity

The pandemic brings us new inclusion challenges every day.


Tome sus decisiones de Vax, Mascarilla y Oficina con amabilidad y generosidad

La pandemia nos trae nuevos desafíos de inclusión todos los días.

Business News

Omicron Emergence Revives Fears of Stagflation: El-Erian

"Now economic growth faces greater challenges," El-Erian wrote, arguing that the Omicron headlines could revive fears of stagflation, a combination of rising inflation and slowing economic growth.

News and Trends

Sputnik Light To Be Launched In India by December

The vaccine will play a big role in the Indian vaccination campaign: RDIF CEO