The COVID-19 pandemic offers an opportunity to make a healthy shift in body ideals

For many, the pandemic has disrupted daily habits around eating and fitness – which makes it a prime time to shake up old assumptions about achieving an ideal body.

Could oral antiviral pills be a game-changer for COVID-19? An infectious disease physician explains why these options are badly needed

Merck and Pfizer both have oral antiviral pills under review by the FDA. Such treatments could help turn the tide of the pandemic.

Patrick Jackson

Why Moderna won't share rights to the COVID-19 vaccine with the government that paid for its development

Moderna claims its scientists alone invented the mRNA sequence used to produce its COVID-19 vaccine. The US government, which helped fund the drug, disagrees.

Bill Gates Says Covid-19 Deaths Could Fall to Seasonal Flu Levels by Next Year

One of the reasons behind this optimistic prediction is the advent of new oral Covid treatments.

Chloe Arrojado

The 5 Most Lucrative Ecommerce-Startup Categories for 2021

Online shopping, already fast-accelerating prior to Covid-19, is now set to overwhelm in-store purchases in just a few years, but in which sectors should new-business entrepreneurs concentrate?

Ruslan Fazlyev

US vaccine rollout was close to optimal at reducing deaths and infections, according to a model comparing 17.5 million alternative approaches

With limited vaccines available in early 2021, the CDC had to decide which people received vaccines first. With the help of a supercomputer, researchers have shown that the CDC did...

Claus Kadelka

Pfizer Deal Lets Outside Companies Make Drugmaker's COVID-19 Pill

The deal lets manufacturers in certain countries produce the pill, provided they don't try to sell it in a certain set of other nations.

The Epoch Times

Want to Know The Best Place to Find a New Employee?

They're right under your nose. If you pay attention.

Gene Marks

Should You Work for Money or Love?

After assessing Covid-19's seismic effects - as well as his own in life in the wake of a marital breakup - a computer-programmer-turned-writer asks and answers the question, "Should I work for money or love?"

Gun violence soared during the COVID-19 pandemic, a new study finds – but the reasons why are complex

The pandemic brought about a sharp rise in mental health concerns, deep unemployment and an unprecedented amount of social isolation – a potentially deadly combination alongside rising gun sales.

Paddy Ssentongo