Hacer de Latinoamérica un punto de referencia para la industria textil, el objetivo de esta startup

Mediante la contratación local y la producción textil, esta startup busca crear en latinoamérica un punto de referencia para la industria de la manufactura textil a nivel mundial.

Stiven Cartagena

Cierran Disney Shanghái por COVID-19 y dejan a los visitantes adentro

El gobierno local informó que los visitantes de Disney Shanghái podrán salir hasta que den negativo a COVID-19.

How to Lead With Resilience, Empathy and Vision Despite an Uncertain Future

Through all the change and pain of the last few years — and the ones to come — leaders must work hard to be resilient for their people. Here's how.

The Future of Telemedicine in the Health Care Industry

Telehealth visits were slow to catch on before the global crises, but many people now appreciate the ease and convenience.

Larry Jones

Grief and Loss Can Seriously Impact the Ability to Work. Here's How to Create a Workplace That Supports Those Going Through It.

If the last two years have taught us anything, it's that loss doesn't spare anyone. Organizational culture needs to include embracing empathy for employees who are experiencing feelings of grief — so here's how.

Zane Landin

Braving The Funding Winter: A Game Plan For Entrepreneurs

Frugality will be key to your success– building more from less, ensuring quality at less cost, and deeper depth of talent and ideas will be valued.

This Company Has Donated Computers, Software, and More Than 1 Million Dollars Worth of COVID Tests to Hospitals in Ukraine

The co-founder and co-CEO of Intrivo shares why he traveled to Ukraine to help distribute COVID tests, how he brought laptops to war-torn hospitals, and what you can do to help.

Jessica Abo

Why I'm Buying Pfizer And You Should Too

Some investors have discounted Pfizer's (NYSE: PFE) future value since the peak of the pandemic is over, but demand for continued development of COVID vaccines for future variants remains strong.

Matthew North

Triple Pay and Better Benefits: How Airlines Are Curbing Summer Travel Turmoil

With pilots in high demand, major airlines are bumping up salaries and working on new contracts.

Amanda Breen

Un estudio indica que las vacunas en contra del COVID-19 les han salvado la vida a 20 millones de personas en el mundo

Por medio de un modelo matemático científicos publicaron en The Lancet su cálculo en torno a vidas humanas salvados por las vacunas.

The Global Healthcare Scene Will Be Shaped By Six Significant Events In 2022

Despite ongoing challenges on numerous fronts, there is rising hope that many countries are now better able to deal with COVID-19's implications

Dr. Ankit Gupta