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The Domino Effect Of Container Shortage

The unusual predicament is a result of the pandemic coupled with the current geo-political tensions


Need To Safeguard Smaller Businesses With Digital Solutions Amid the Changing Time

The onset of COVID-19 has ushered small businesses to integrate digital technology as part of their operational strategy

Business News

Kids Who Had Mild COVID Still Have Antibodies Months Later

Even if a child with COVID-19 had mild or no symptoms, research finds they still gain strong antibodies that can protect them against re-infection.

Business News

AstraZeneca Lost Money on COVID-19 Vaccine in First Half of 2021

AstraZeneca said losses on Vaxzevria were the main factor that shaved seven percentage points off its Reported Gross Profit Margin, which fell to 73.5 percent in the first half of the year.

Science & Technology

We Helped Greece Build an AI System to Make Covid-19 Testing More Efficient. Here's What We Learned.

Two data scientists built a machine learning system named Eva to help Greece safely reopen to nearly 80,000 tourists a day. The system, known as Eva, is nearly twice as efficient at detecting cases as random testing and it can predict spikes in other countries ten days before they show up in official case counts.

Growth Strategies

Immersive Experiences: An AED45 Million UAE-Based Equity Fund, Is About To Reshape The MENA Region's Entertainment And Leisure Sector

Formed in 2017, Immersive Experiences came to life after the co-founders identified a gap in the region's entertainment industry, which led them to spend over a year and a half selecting a suite of pioneering, engaging, and multi-sensory entertainment concepts to completely reshape the current entertainment options that exist in the region today.

Growth Strategies

How Dubai's Events Sector Is Reimagining The Industry After Being Hit Hard By The COVID-19 Crisis

Since the UAE reopened to international visitors in July, the authorities have been examining how gatherings can take place safely, which resulted in the launch of a new set of guidelines for the business events scene.


6 Ideas to make your work from home zone more efficient

While we have all reconciled to a new lifestyle, we also have to create new spaces in our home that balance out with our new life

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Taiwan-Based Healthtech Company iWEECARE Extends Pre-Series A Funding with $2.4 Mn

iWEECARE will utilize the fresh capital to accelerate marketing activities to address the demand for remote patient monitoring technologies in the United States and China

Growth Strategies

Zooming Out Of Zoom Calls

In the current environment, startups must step back, re-prioritize and stabilize their operations before thinking of scaling-up

Growth Strategies

Peace Out: Managing Exit the Right Way

Insecurities and tensions are on the rise. And so are the mistakes that both employees and employers are making while handling separation


Online Shopping: Evolving Consumer Behavior Amid the Pandemic

The pandemic has reshaped the way businesses function and for the country's e-commerce industry, the crisis has presented a plethora of opportunities to evolve and thrive.


Video Conferencing: A Peep Into the Future Of Communication

The pandemic has forced corporates and individuals to embrace video meets and many Indian startups have come up solutions. But are they world-class?

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Hunger Games Redefined: The Gourmet Route

According to Ashok Mani of Intergrow Brands, not bowing down to the pandemic or the months-long lockdown, the gourmet food industry is bouncing back with gusto

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Working From Home: A New Trend For FMCG Companies

It is important to communicate better for high efficiency at work and to sustain in the new normal