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How to Leverage Credit Cards for Business Growth (the Right Way)

By being aware of the risks and embracing best practices, entrepreneurs can make the most of credit cards.

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Robinhood Is Offering a Credit Card for the First Time — and It's Available in 10-Karat Gold

Robinhood wants to take a bite out of the Apple Card with its new Gold Card, which has up to 5% cash back with no fees. Here's what to know.

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Americans' Credit Scores Are Falling for the First Time in 10 Years — And There's a New Average. How Does Yours Compare?

The last time scores fell was between April and October 2013 when they dropped from 691 to 690.

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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Credit Card Processor

Use this detailed walkthrough to choose a credit card processor for your small business.

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Best Credit Card Processors of 2024

If you're a small business looking for a credit card processor, check out these top brands.

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Apple Moves to Sever Ties With Goldman Sachs — Here's What That Means for Apple Card and Savings Holders

The end may be near for one of the most prominent alliances between a technology firm and a banking institution.

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Online Merchants Are Losing Significant Revenue With This Billing Mistake — Are You Guilty?

With clear, recognizable billing descriptors, merchants can save themselves the headache of avoidable transaction disputes and keep their customers happy and returning.

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Sorry, Point-Lovers—Buying With a Credit Card Can Be Costly For Small Businesses

"Swipe fees" — charges imposed on merchants for processing card payments — can add up for small businesses, with some saying it's their third largest expense.

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Not So Fancy: LinkedIn Post Highlights Disappointment In Credit Card Industry

Recently, Aditya Gupta, Founder of The Rug Republic shared a detailed post on LinkedIn regarding his disappointing experience with the American Express Centurion Black Card.

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Bank of America Slammed With $250 Million Fine for Opening Fake Accounts, Double-Dipping Charges — Here's How to Find Out If You Qualify for Payment

At least as far back as 2012, bank employees created unauthorized credit card accounts in customers' names to boost sales and better evaluations.

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Americans' Debt Just Exceeded $17 Trillion for the First Time — Here's the Smartest First Step to Fix Your Finances

Debt hit new record balances in nearly every category, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York reported.

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Card Skimming Is On The Rise — Here's How To Prevent Your Information From Being Stolen

Debit card skimming increased by 368% in 2022 compared to the year prior.

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How to Choose a Credit Card for Your Startup

When considering the best business credit card for you, take time to weigh the rewards and benefits of each one to determine which card will grow with your business and understand your needs.

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How to Rebuild Credit After Bankruptcy

Rebuilding credit after bankruptcy as an entrepreneur can be challenging — but it is not impossible if you know how.

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Americans 'Reluctant' to Spend Big, New Fed Report Reveals — Here's What It Means

Still, the average U.S. household owes more than $17,000 in credit card debt, per NerdWallet.