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What Makes a Customer Valuable to Your Business?

What is it, specifically, that makes customers valuable to you? And how can you boost that value?

Growth Strategies

Bolstering Business: Four Tactics That Can Help You Boost Customer Acquisition For Your Startup

Customer acquisition is the process of moving a person farther along the customer journey, where they start out as a stranger, and by the end, are turned into a customer.


How to Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs with SEO

Passive and active SEO can bring in customers honestly - and on the cheap. Here's how.

Growth Strategies

Consumer Sentiment Leading To Spurt In Growth Of Upscale Locations

The condom industry has always been a challenging market to deal with but people are slowly understanding the need

Growth Strategies

Beyond English: Brands Need To Adopt Indian Regional Languages

According to a report, by next year Hindi Internet users will outgrow English user base in the country

Growing a Business

How to Reduce the High Cost of Customer Acquisition

Here are the best ways to bring down customer acquisition costs for D2C brands.


Are You Sitting on a Customer Retention Goldmine?

Instead of viewing a purchase as the end of your funnel, view it as the beginning of an entirely new funnel - one that focuses on turning a paying customer into a brand champion.

Growing a Business

This Company Utilizes AI to Maximize Customer Acquisition

Spectrm uses conversational marketing to gather data, engage with customers, and convert them in real-time.


3 Strategies to Improve Your Customer Service Experience

Three tips that can help you retain and form relationships with your customers.


Aim to Acquire More Users For Less Cost With This URL Shortener

PixelMe Growth Lite boosts your digital marketing with a few clicks.

Starting a Business

6 Secrets for Giving Your New Business the Momentum to Keep Growing

Follow these tips to get a critical mass of customers so your business grows on its own.

Growth Strategies

Customers Aren't Acquired, They're Created

Customers aren't created through a single transaction where they buy a product or service in exchange for money.

Growth Strategies

Ignite Sales: A Marketing Secret To Control The Purchase Process

Here is one of their tactics that you can apply to your own marketing campaigns.


Why Running a Robo-Advisory Startup is Not Just About Right Algorithms

In the recent years, the algorithms-based financial advice is gaining popularity in the country, especially among millennials


This Entrepreneur Kept Unwinding Strategies Unless He Nailed His First Customer

Acquiring your competitor on the grounds of technological innovation is a brave step towards growth. This untrodden road was taken by Get My Parking's Rasik Pansare post several challenges to nail his first major project.