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Hyperfusion, In Partnership With ASUS, Introduces Advanced GPU AI Servers To Drive Innovation In The UAE

With a focus on data sovereignty and security, Hyperfusion is committed to driving innovation and shaping the future of AI in the region.

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Why are Organizations Moving to On-Premise Data Centers?

While public cloud promised agility and cost savings, it's the predictable costs and direct ownership of data centres and on-prim cloud solutions now regain appeal

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Foreign Investments Propel the Rise of Data Centers in India

According to a recent CRISIL Ratings report, India's data center sector is poised to attract over Rs 45,000 crore in investments over the next three fiscal years, capturing the interest of a diverse array of global companies

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AdaniConneX Seals Data Center Financing Deal In India With $213 Million

The tied-up facility will finance two data centers with an aggregate capacity of 67 MW that includes 'Chennai 1' campus with Phase 1 of 17 MW and Noida campus of 50 MW

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Adani Group To Spin Off Hydrogen, Airports And Data Centre Businesses: Report

AEL currently houses new businesses such as hydrogen, where the group plans to invest $50 billion over the next 10 years

Growth Strategies

Five Reasons Why Datacenters are Going Hyperscale

The amount of data these datacenters are able to store is unthinkable and would have been an appropriate theme of a science fiction twenty years ago

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Your Data Needs Regular Health Checkups, Too

Businesses collect data constantly but are not always so consistent evaluating if it best serves the strategy.

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Apple to Spend $1.9 Billion on New European Data Centers

The facilities are expected to be entirely powered by renewable energy and create hundreds of jobs.

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Deflating 4 Myths About the Wonders of Cloud Computing

Misconceptions abound about the new internet-based storage. Find out what you need to know before setting up a system in the sky.