Data Management

3 Trends to Keep Customers Engaged in 2022

Pandemic-tested ideas will cement themselves as the new way of doing things, while budgets will reflect a heightened focus on authenticity through vehicles like influencer marketing.

Shama Hyder

It's Time to Master Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel

Become a spreadsheet pro for less with this Cyber Week II sale.

What's Under the 'Hood' of Self-Driving Cars?

Headed by tech giants like Google and Yandex, the rise of automated vehicles seems inevitable, but what are the intellectual mechanics at work?

Olga Megorskaya

Why You Should Look at Data for Smart Marketing

Good marketing strategies are not birthed merely in experience, connections or gut-feel anymore.

Kartik Anand

3 Impacts of AI in the Machine Translation Industry

Recent advances have proven superb results that can provide multiple opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Pritom Das

How to Navigate Data Privacy Regulations When Deploying Enterprise Blockchain Solutions

Four best practices for prioritizing privacy regulations so that blockchain or any other digital transformation initiatives can succeed

Isaac Kunkel

What Is Good Data-Driven Marketing? Here Are 5 Examples of What Big Data Can Do.

Realizing the importance of data-driven marketing may be a turning point for any company, so it's crucial to learn what strategies may work the best for you.

Nick Chernets

The Future of Data Localization in a Globalized World

How the balkanized landscape of data in motion - and the widely differing regional regulations protecting it - pose challenges for transnational businesses.

Rakesh Soni

Effectively Manage Your iOS Data with This Manager

Organize your iOS data with this tool on sale for Pre-Black Friday doorbusters.

Bad Data: The $3 Trillion-Per-Year Problem That's Actually Solvable

How the right tech can help entrepreneurs make data more accessible and accurate, avoiding massive losses in the process.

Joy Youell

How to Climb Out of the Four Greatest Data Strategy Pitfalls

For one, don't think data is telling you to go one way when, in reality, the world is going in another.

Christal Bemont

The Right (and Wrong) Way to Be Influenced by Data

Great data analysis might just give you a leg up when it comes to pitching your ideas.

Peter Mulford