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How I Taught Myself to Be Financially Secure — and How You Can Do It, Too.

I've witnessed the extremes of financial experiences, from amassing wealth to hitting rock bottom and relying on Social Security Disability Insurance. Here's my advice on how to build financial security and take your money management to the next level.

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Americans' Credit Scores Are Falling for the First Time in 10 Years — And There's a New Average. How Does Yours Compare?

The last time scores fell was between April and October 2013 when they dropped from 691 to 690.


Interest Rates Are Going to Drop This Year. Here Are 6 Ways Businesses Can Take Advantage When the Time Comes.

Opportunity is around the corner, so here's how you can make sure you're watching the right rates.

Money & Finance

3 Ways to Conquer Your Debt and Stay on Top of Your Financial Game

Consumer debt is only getting worse, but you have the power to make your finances better.

Side Hustle

She Started a Furniture-Flipping Side Hustle to Pay Off a $10,000 Dental Bill. It Surpassed Her Full-Time Job's Income Within a Year — Earning Up to $37,000 a Month.

Lilly Skjoldahl launched The Furniture Dr. out of necessity — and the decision would change her life.

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What's the Deal With These 'Snowball' and 'Avalanche' Debt Repayment Methods? Here's How to Know Which One Is Right For You.

Living with debt can be a heavy burden. Fortunately, there are methods to help you tackle debt systematically and regain control of your finances.

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How to Use Your Own Debts to Fund Your Business

To borrow or not to borrow? That is the question. And it's a pretty difficult one to answer, too, especially if you need money but are averse to debt. However, contrary to popular belief, not all debts are bad.

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Average 401(k) Account Balances Plummeted Last Year. How Does Yours Compare to the Typical American's?

More Americans are taking hardship withdrawals from their accounts, too.

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Debt Ceiling Plan: Here's What You Should Know and How It Impacts Your Business

The Senate passed the debt ceiling bill with a 63 to 36 vote on Thursday.

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Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and 28 Other Billionaires Each Have More Money Than the U.S. Treasury

Cash levels at the U.S. Treasury have dropped more than $200 billion in less than a month amid the debt ceiling controversy.

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Americans' Debt Just Exceeded $17 Trillion for the First Time — Here's the Smartest First Step to Fix Your Finances

Debt hit new record balances in nearly every category, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York reported.

Buying / Investing in Business

How to Think Outside the Box and Craft a Values-Aligned Investment Offering

When you create an investment offering designed to meet your social enterprise's unique goals, you position yourself to connect with values-aligned investors who want to support projects they care about — like yours!