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#5 Reasons Why Rental Fashion Industry will Grow in India

High-end designer outfits are so expensive that people are choosing to buy them less with time


"I Wanted to Change India's Impression in the Minds of Americans"

Dewan decided to embark on a journey where she can prove what Indians can do.


This Designer Has Seen the Whole Revolution of Fashion Industry

Today, Payal is the most renowned name in corporate uniforms designing in India.

Resumes & Interviewing

6 Ways to Justify Hiring a UI Designer

Key stakeholders will perk up when they hear about lowering development costs and increasing revenue.


This Designer is Bringing a Bit of the Corporate Edge to Design

Sahiba Singh realized how lack of implementation, kills designs in most cases and causes a discord amongst the designer and the client.


This Designer is a Hot Favourite among the Who's Who of the Country

The brand has over 1000 loyal customers and is available at some of the top drawer shops in New Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad.


This Designer is Filling the Gap With a Range of Everyday Objects

To fill the gap with a range of everyday objects with a simple, minimalist design aesthetic, Anisha Singh with her husband, Gurpreet Singh, founded LetterNote in 2012.

Growth Strategies

Kristina Fidelskaya On Design, Luxury Fashion Brands And MENA

Designer Kristina Fidelskaya talks about her luxury fashion brand's growth and the MENA entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Growth Strategies

This Entrepreneur Has Built India's Top Leather-Accessory Store Stitch-by-stitch

Gautam Sinha's profound styling has helped him find a niche market among the most well-known leather brands.

Growth Strategies

Creating the Artful Home With Raseel Gujral

With brands like Casa Paradox and Casa Pop, Raseel, as a designer, has stunned as everytime.

Business News

How the New CEO of Hugo Boss Plans to Revitalize the Brand

Boss reiterated that it would slow down the store openings, moving more of its business to online. It also plans to lift productivity in its retail business by around 20 percent over the next few years.


Industry Insider: Ramzi Nakad, Co-founder And COO, Fashion Forward Dubai

Ramzi Nakad, co-founder and COO, Fashion Forward Dubai offers pointers to the region's aspiring fashion designers and creative entrepreneurs.


Inspired Pursuits: Nada And Noor Alawi, Co-founders, Annada

The Bahrain-based Annada made quite an impression when it launched in 2011 offering scarves featuring original artwork by two regional artists, and co-founders (and sisters) Nada and Noor Alawi have since proved themselves to more than just a flash in the pan.

Employee Experience & Recruiting

Check Out Delta's Flashy New Uniforms

No more frumpy blue suits for these flight attendants, thanks to designer Zac Posen.

Growth Strategies

6 Important Things a Startup Designer Should Know

While designing, always remember that you are starting fresh!