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Being High on Life and Dazzling the Real-Life Runway

One conversation with the famous designer Archana Kochhar and you realize that her conditioning has a lot to do with her success.


Blogging for Entrepreneurs III – Choosing The Right Hosting & Design

To get you started, you need to find a right web host and a decent design

Growth Strategies

Things Creative Entrepreneurs Should Keep in Mind when Designing their Future

Spreadsheets are everything; as a creative-first, entrepreneur-second, it can be hard to do, but there is no excuse not to know

Women Entrepreneur™

How this Malaysian Designer Bootstrapped her Way to the New York Fashion Week and Beyond

Family support has been the most crucial part of my journey, says Jasmine Chong

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Crowdsourcing in Fashion: Disrupting the Industry One Apparel at a Time!

Crowdsourcing is taking fashion to a whole new frontier by changing the way fashion is conceptualized, produced and sold


Design Thinking Is Not A Process, It's A Mindset

The most interesting part of design thinking is that it's such a great label. It probably is the most attractive way to describe a model for innovation based on human-centered observation and prototyping.

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#7 Key Trends every Design Agency should Watch Out in 2018

In an always "on the move" lifestyle, minimalism has beautifully paved the way for itself

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Looking For a Career in Creativity? These #3 Experts will Help You

A designer must be prompt in finding relevant solutions

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Creativity Comes To The Fore At Dubai Design Week 2017

Design aficionados, mark your calendars for an art-filled week.


This Couple is Designing a Fortune from Simplicity

Born to acclaimed designer Anju Modi, he got trained under his mother


Stepping it Up: This Entrepreneur is Aiming to Take on Global Brands with his Bespoke Footwear

The shoe line offers a variety of designs, including brogues, oxfords and even vegan leather shoes


How Luxury is Business for These Start-ups

The audience has a refined taste and is ready to spend more, making it a thriving business opportunity


Make Your Name Worth Something

Taking chances is about taking calculated risks and challenging the status quo


Meet This Designpreneur Who's Weaving Magic with Bollywood Beauties

"Follow your gut feeling, work towards understanding the pulse of your consumers and your product will eventually move up the market."

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#5 Reasons Why Rental Fashion Industry will Grow in India

High-end designer outfits are so expensive that people are choosing to buy them less with time