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#7 Key Trends every Design Agency should Watch Out in 2018 In an always "on the move" lifestyle, minimalism has beautifully paved the way for itself

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It's New Year 2018 and we want to know what holds true for us. Even more are the Branding Agencies waging a war amongst themselves to bring out the best in design for their clients. What is it that will arrest a viewer to become a brand loyalist? Want to know the answer? Read on.

With India going online, agencies are doing a heavy workout to explode with ideas that will work online. Every design agency is looking for a design idea that will go viral.

Minimalistic Design Approach

Although the style began in America, the idea of simplicity was much more evident in the Japanese traditional culture of Zen philosophy. The idea is to be stripped to the basic essentials, which is also seeping in with the people around. People are no longer into the idea of "more the better". In an always "on the move" lifestyle, minimalism has beautifully paved the way for itself. Why invest in heavy bulky furniture when one can transform their space beautifully with just the bare minimum. Lush Scandinavian home d?cor, Urban jungle are few of the key highlights.

Usage of Monochrome (Black and White with Colour Pops)

One of the easiest palette to use and work (and hardest to mess up) is monochromatic one. Instead of making it look busier with many colours, a one colour palette makes it look cleaner and much organised and black and white is a classic combination loved by all. Speaking of a cleaner and organised look, in a scenario where life is full of hustle and bustle, who wouldn't love to step into a home that spells calm and serene. However, monochrome combo tends to become monotonous; adding a pop of colour to it brings the party back to life. Add life to any space with colourful throws or a vase full of flowers or maybe a pop art wall painting.

Vivid Gradient Play

Today we are celebrating the world of ombre. Much like our lives where we gradually progress from our boring office life to being the life of the party on weekends, this gradation has taken over our lives. Ombre so far has been a hit with almost all the segments. The biggest trend in ombre home d?cor and furniture is painting the walls from the lightest to the darkest shade of blue, almost looking like taking a dip in the ocean. Ombre drawers on the dresser and desks that resemble swatches of a paint sample card. This captures the mind ever so slowly with one gradient falling in love with another.

Clean and Bold look

When it comes to making a statement, a clean and bold look does the job. There will not always be movement from one gradient to another, sometimes it's all about making a clean and stark appearance. This is a trend that seems to come from the design world much opposed to the minimalism trend. Use of bold singular solid colours that speaks the mind out loud are that this trend is all about.

Authentic Art Influence

Every designer is an art scavenger looking for something new. Modernism has overwhelmed him yet sometimes every designer crawls out to find something niche. He then turns to art. Authenticity is something that comes from the heart and things that inspire us, we see international chefs giving authentic twists to their recipes, creating something that is a result of a long thought process. Homeowners are now engaging artists to help them create extraordinary living spaces. Choosing an artwork for your space provides an instant colour palette.

Asymmetric Compositions

It's boring when you look at the world with the same angle. Introduce asymmetric compositions to your style. A sense of balance in a chaotic design influences the mind to think while bringing in an active eye to your product. Asymmetric patterns and designs are totally in, from the runways to street to our homes, an asymmetric setup tends to bring out a harmony, they are more dynamic and interesting, it evokes a feeling of modernism, movement and energy.

Global Culture and Art Mix

Internet connection and secure inter-continental travel has made the audience far more informed and aware of the cultures worldwide, the world is much flatter now. Adding local ideas and stunts to your design works for it to stand out. We love local because we associate it with home. Mixing global flavours with traditional artwork immediately catches the eye. Aztec and tribal prints infused with global items have been a hit. In an era where it is far more easier to merge these two poles, updating traditions, festivals, happenings unfailingly creates a positive visitor experience.

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