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How AI is Revolutionizing Indian Healthcare: 5 Trends to Watch Out For

AI is the future of Indian Healthcare, and this is why you should know how it affects you

Science & Technology

4 Key Health Tech Trends for Businesses in 2024

This year, healthcare faces the influence of pivotal societal drivers: an aging population, the rise of transformative technologies shaping the healthcare landscape, and persistent global economic uncertainties.

Science & Technology

AI vs. Human Translators: Who Will Win the Translation Battle?

Millions of people use AI daily to translate various texts, but can AI capture emotional nuance and replace human translators?

Social Media

Social Media Strategies to Get More Followers and Sell More Products

Entrepreneur's VP of Social Media Sana Ali shares tricks and strategies you can use to supercharge your social media efforts and boost your business.

Franchise 500 Annual Ranking

How Entrepreneur Ranked This Year's Franchise 500, and the Big Trends We Saw

We measure all kinds of metrics to determine the holistic health of the franchises on our list, but this year we paid particular attention to certain data points.

News and Trends

Outlook 2024: India's Trajectory In Shaping the Global Future

Nearly 60% of the total healthcare expenditure in India is borne out-of-pocket which drains the household of any future savings. 2024 will see the emergence of affordable health plans to address this issue for the missing middle of India.

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9 Real Estate Market Trends to Watch in 2024

Here are a few key trends that are poised to have a significant influence on the real estate market in 2024.

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4 Emerging EV Trends Observed In 2023

A decade ago electric vehicles were seen as a fanciful scheme that did not stand a chance against traditional petrol and diesel vehicles, however, they are now among the fastest-growing segments in the automotive sector in 2023.

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This Gen Z Slang Term Is Oxford's Word of the Year. It Beat Out These 7 Other Words That Boomers Might Be Hearing for the First Time.

A well-known YouTube and Twitch streamer first brought the word "rizz" to the public's attention.


Fundraising in Europe During a Downturn: 3 Hidden Benefits for Bold Founders

Economic turbulence is a natural part of market cycles. Recessions actually offer a number of 'silver linings' to founders who take the plunge.


These Are the 10 Hottest Franchise Categories For 2024

Based on the trends, we're predicting which categories will be all the rage in 2024. Check out the list.


Are Job Titles Losing Their Meaning? How Job-Title Inflation Could Damage Your Future Career.

When a job title is upgraded without raising the associated responsibilities and requirements, this is called job title inflation.


Does Going 'Woke' Mean Going Broke? Inside the Polarized World of Socially Conscious Branding.

The best politically charged marketing and PR campaigns are ones where brands have an exact understanding of their customer profile and have gained a comprehensive analysis of their likes, dislikes, fears, and motivations.

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Free Webinar | October 24: Grow Your Local Business With These Low-Cost Marketing Tricks

Whether you're a small business owner, marketer, or entrepreneur, our exclusive webinar will equip you with the tools to connect with your community, boost engagement, and drive revenue. Register now →


Is the Customer Always Right? How to Understand Customer-Centric Thinking to Drive Engagement

"The customer is always right" is not just a rule anymore; it's about exploring why customers want what they want.