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What Made This Fashion Marketplace To Acqui-Hired These 3 Startups

With acqui-hiring, this eCommerce venture also plans to launch a marketplace for designers & boutiques.


3 Reasons Why Big Data Is The Next Big Thing In The Fashion Industry

Tom Ford's revolutionary and game changing move that flew in the face of the venerable fashion industry tradition


KAS New York: A dreamer's journey from Finance to Fashion

Venturing into the world of entrepreneurship came natural to Kirat. He soon quit his banking job to follow his heart.

Starting a Business

Art and Design Get a New Launchpad Opportunity with New Inc Incubator

Technology incubators have traditionally underserved artists and designers, but New Inc is changing that, 100 members at a time.


The Woman Who Designed the 'Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas' Sign Has Died

Nevada-born Betty Whitehead Willis was 91 years old.

Business Ideas

What Brands Can Learn From Lilly Pulitzer and Target's Sold-Out Collaboration

For a high-end brand, too much exposure can be a risk.


Five Minutes with Designer and Entrepreneur Ethan Koh

A look behind the entrepreneurial journey of Ethan Koh, his creative process and brand.


Everything I Know About Business I Learned By Selling on a Street Corner

A lifelong inventor found the secrets of success after failing to hock goods at a street fair.

Science & Technology

Hey Designers, Dream On

Photoshop celebrates 25 years with a beautiful, artistic video montage.


Five Minutes With Lubna Al Zakwani, Co-founder Of Endemage

Lubna Al Zakwani brings in family, Omani tradition and culture to create the Endemage brand.


5 Time-Consuming Tasks Small-Business Owners Should Outsource

Sure, you can do it all, but why would you want to? It's relatively inexpensive to hire some outside help for these duties.

Business News

Here's How to Talk to Graphic Designers

While it's easy to blame an unsatisfying final product on the designer, it's up to the client to communicate effectively, give their designer all the tools they need to succeed and ensure that the best product is delivered.


5 Guidelines to Maximize Freelance Employees

Your business might be small, but its look and feel doesn't have to be. Hiring outside help is quick and effective.


Meet the Man with the Midas Touch

Yves Béhar's award-winning design studio Fuseproject creates groundbreaking products and brand identities for some of the world's most influential companies.