Celebrity Jewelry Designer and Artist ONCH Goes Digital With NFT Release

The artist's NFT launch is just the beginning.

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By Chloe Arrojado


With pieces that range from pretzel necklaces to a My Little Pony fine jewelry collection, ONCH is used to creating eye-catching art. This weekend, he aims to bring his eccentric designs to the non-fungible token (NFT) world.

Starting tomorrow at 12 p.m. PST, LA-based artist ONCH is putting eight NFTs up for sale. Besides using this event to break into digital art, he's also using the opportunity to donate to charity, with 10% of the proceeds going towards Stop Asian Hate initiatives.

"Seeing what is going on right now because of racism breaks my heart. As an artist, I feel the need to always use my voice — which is my art — to help out one way or another," ONCH says.

The artwork in ONCH's first NFT series are images of designs that were created by hand. Within those pieces, the artist says he's featuring iconic elements — like pretzel motifs and bright colors — in order to familiarize the market with his distict style. In addition, ONCH is offering custom jewelry with certificates of authenticity to those who purchase the NFTs.

Though the NFTs have yet to release, ONCH says he's excited for his future in the digital realm. He already has a few NFT drops planned in alignment with his upcoming jewelry collections, and says he will expand his presence with 3D NFTs. For him, NFTs are a promotional tool that can bring his physical jewelry to life online.

ONCH isn't the only one capitalizing on NFTs, with TikTok stars and athletes alike entering the sphere. But beyond the chance for moentary gain, he says one of the most exciting aspects of the NFT is the technological development it could signal for the future.

"I think [NFTs] are a really cool space and I want to see how that evolves. I also want to know about NFTs in the future. Would it be just visuals?" ONCH says. "I know some of them have sounds, but what about scent? Would there be a way for us to smell an NFT? There must be a technology that could do that in the future. I'm really intrigued by that."

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