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This Indian Company Shows How to Find Opportunity in Difficult Times for an Economy

The launch of Airtel's payment bank comes at an opportune time for India when the Modi-led government announced demonetization.

The Party For Digital Payment Wallets' Companies Has Begun Early, Thanks to Modi!

Cashless future is here, and Narendra Modi has given a Diwali bonus to fintech companies.

The Startup State

Telangana – the youngest Indian state has been basking under the glory of several start-up activities and the rise of multinational corporations in the state
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5 Most Digitized States In India

We know about PM Modi's plan, but what are our state governments up to?

Finally a Women's Safety App That Works Without Internet Even When the Phone Is Locked

This app is a must for women's safety in your smartphone right now!

The Fundamental Flaw in all Indian startups

Why has this not been worked out till now by virtually all Indian startups?
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5 Reasons Why Jharkhand Is The Most Investment Ready State

A state caught by the entrepreneurial wind.
Entrepreneurial ecosystems

India And The Startup Dynamics

This digital revolution in India is ushered in by entrepreneurship which has impacted everyone from a local grocer to a well-established businessman.
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Can Startups Give Boost To Indian Economy?

Indigenous startups will act as a major booster for the development and the progress of the Indian economy.

Intel backs Digital India

Digital India is finally reaching out to the rural population as well

China Might Have Gained Access to Indian Govt's Systems

Report suggests China might have hacked into Indian Government's official emails
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A New Supporter For Narendra Modi's Digital India Initiative

Intel India is working with the government to launch three initiatives that will promote literacy at grassroots level.
Make in India

"Not Just Government, But Private Sector as Well Will Determine Growth of Startups"

Niraj Shah, Co-National Director, BNI India, talks about how the last decade's entrepreneurial ecosystem