The Hidden Cost of Distractions, and How to Short-Circuit Them

Small interruptions have an outsized impact on productivity and creativity, often measured in hours each work day.


Distracted Now That You're Back In The Office? There's One Tool Employees Can Depend On To Readapt To Office Life.

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Our Brains Will Never Be The Same Again After Remote Work. Forcing Your Employees To Readapt to The Office Is Not The Answer.

The shift to remote work during the pandemic has not only changed our daily routines but also had profound effects on our brains and made us more susceptible to distractions when we return to the traditional office environment.

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6 Common Reasons You Can't Get Anything Done at Work — And How to Change That

Although entrepreneurs may appear superhuman on the surface, accomplishing all of this while maintaining a reasonable work-life balance requires deep and intense levels of focus to pull off.

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5 New Products That Help You Avoid Distractions at Work

Whether it's cutting out the noise or getting caffeine into your system faster, these products help you stay locked in.

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Taking These Actions Will Stop Distraction

Distractions are everywhere in our lives. Learn how to fight distractions by taking these effective actions.


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Right now, it's not possible to enter a good workflow state with the snap of your fingers, but there are ways employers can help employees become so absorbed in their work that the hours melt away.

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4 Ways to Stop Getting Distracted and Start Hitting Goals

Needless diversions can limit your business's growth -- here's how to avoid them.

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Death By a Million Cuts: The Small Stuff is More Disruptive Than You Think

No one succeeds by sweating the small stuff. How to ruthlessly edit what earns your attention.


How to Stop Getting Distracted and Regain Your Focus

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How to Eliminate Distractions and Stay Focused In Hybrid Work

Krisp helps you eliminate distraction noise on video calls

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Easily Distracted? Here's How to Stay Focused When Opportunity Abounds

It's important to know the difference between opportunities and distractions.

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Silent Inbox Eliminates Distractions and Gives You Control Over Gmail

Block annoying senders, schedule your email receipts, and more.