Early Retirement

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An Ex-Googler Retired at Age 40 on a Friday. By Monday, She Regretted It.

She was secure about her finances and worked in Google's Atlanta, Mountain View, and Bengaluru offices.

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U.S. Workers Really Want to Retire Young, According to Their Google Searches

There's been a spike in searches asking about retirement ages. Here's each state's dream age to say goodbye to the daily grind.


How to Start Thinking About Retirement Before You Plan to Retire

When my husband told me he was planning to retire and was not worried about it, I wondered if I should be.

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This Is the Adverse Effect Early Retirement Can Have on Your Brain, Study Reveals

The benefits might not always outweigh the costs.

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The 6 Biggest Issues with Early Retirement: Will These Happen to You?

Ready to do everything you've never had time to do by retiring early? Consider these 6 pitfalls before you take the leap.

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Why You Might Have to Retire Later Due to COVID-19

Think you're in danger of retiring later due to the COVID-19 pandemic? Just the thought can cause you to feel extremely nervous, but are you on track?...

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4 Things You Need to Think About Before You Retire Early

Defining "early retirement" might seem ultra subjective, but you can use Medicare as a baseline. The government also considers early retirement as any age earlier than 65, when Medicare benefits kick in.


Why do Entrepreneurs Opt For An Early Retirement?

The newest trend in the franchise industry is witnessing early retirements of entrepreneurs


Why Entrepreneurs Should Take Early Retirement

While the idea of early retirement has become a buzzword in the tech field, it isn't that easy

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5 Keys to Making Your New Year's Financial Resolutions Stick

Mindset is as important to achieving financial goals as making enough money.

Making a Change

How a Mini-Retirement Brought Meaning to My Life

Stepping away from the corporate rat race can create unimaginable opportunities.


Early Birds or Night Owls: Who Wins the Entrepreneur Race?

We discuss the advantages of being a late sleeper and an early riser for business

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6 Hard-core Steps to Take to Retire at 50

Putting together the funds to retire early involves a lot of delayed gratification from your hard work. Are you up to it?


5 Lessons From People Who Retired at 40

Are you just as happy to drink a beer at home as you would be in a bar? Time to get used to that idea.

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This Entrepreneur Built a $20 Million Empire That Redefines 'Retirement'

Do you really want to retire, i.e., play golf? Or, would you rather parlay your time into the projects that are your passion?