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Edutor is more of a tech company than a content company: Co-founder Ramesh Karra

Edutor Technologies has introduced an Android-based solution on a platform called IGNITOR, which offers learning materials on Android-based tablet/PCs.

Growth Strategies

Edutech sets out to change rules of Indian internet ecosystem

The Indian internet space witnessed the rise of digital e-learning where niche courses flourished.

Growing a Business

5 Fascinating Edtech Companies From National Education Week

From launching experiments into space to an online architectural academy, here's a look at a few businesses applying entrepreneurial solutions to teaching and learning.

Starting a Business

How Coworking Helped an Education Accelerator

EDGE partnered with AlleyNYC to host their education accelerator.


SuperProfs: Preparing students to lead in tech savvy world

India's one of the largest e-learning platforms offers live and recorded online classes by best professors to crack competitive exams.


How Prozo is helping users discover, select and consume the best of content

As a recommendation driven marketplace, Prozo intends to help students make the most informed decision when it comes to exam preparation resources.

Business News

Edutech start-up aims to become 'Google' of education sector

Prozo strives to provide competitive exam aspirants the best of educational resources.

Science & Technology

How a Developer Boot Camp Marched Its Way to Millions

A hands-on continuing education model for software engineers takes off.

Business News

Tell Us: Should Schools Still Use Pencils and Paper?

One executive at Microsoft doesn't think so.

Business News

After E-Commerce & Healthcare, EdTech to Emerge as the Next Sunrise Sector

Transformation of Indian Education Industry is happening gradually from conventional brick-and-mortar to digital education trends.

Science & Technology

6 Companies That Are Teaching Educators What Good 'Disruption' Means

From Khan Academy to Udemy, entrepreneurs in education are making a difference in our schools.

Thought Leaders

4 Ways Technology Is Making Education More Affordable and Available

Technology, often applied by inspired entrepreneurs, is disrupting how people of all ages receive the training everyone needs to thrive.

Thought Leaders

5 Tips for Newbie Entrepreneurs

Gain familiarity with the business landscape, then seek a wide market and put revenue-generating ideas on a fast track.