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7 Modern Trends To Look Out For in EdTech Industry in 2019

Augmented reality is set to a safe bet for the future with tech giants like Apple, Google, and Microsoft heavily investing in the development of this technology and what does this mean for those belonging to the education industry?


Transformative Change: Founder Hadi Partovi

Having built (and funded) great startups, this entrepreneur and investor opens up on his mission to teach kids how to code.


Insider Tips for a Successful Ed-Tech Intervention

If you look at the 5,816,673 strong teaching workforce only in elementary schools in India, you will immediately see what we are getting at


How EdTech Is The Next Big Sector

Understand the Education Sector and how to be on the top of the trend in the educational sector

Growth Strategies

Deciding Between Cool Videos & Holistic Tech-Integrated Learning

With increased mobile tech, we have more flexibility, reach and personalization and accordingly, the role of the teacher needs to evolve to be more effective in providing personalized education

Growth Strategies

Understanding the Indian Education System & The Need For Transformation

There's no denying that schools all over, have taken up vast measures to modernize education, but this modernization, is unfortunately applied to the same surface level learning

Starting a Business

How K-12 Learning Can Reshape The Education Industry

Transforming the Landscape of K 12 Learning


Things to Consider Before Starting an EdTech Firm

Entrepreneurs have significant opportunities in designing technology solutions for the education sector; here are a few important tips for starting an EdTech firm

Growth Strategies

The Need For Entrepreneurship Education in India

Having knowledgeable business school professors as guides in their learning journey is an experience that is difficult to duplicate outside the college environment

News and Trends

How EdTech Will Revolutionize Learning in India?

Report says India's online education market is set to grow to $ 1.96 billion by 2021 from $ 247 million in 2016


Exploring Education Via Information Communication Technologies in India

There is a great need for innovation in the education sector, that is being brought through Information communication technologies (ICT) at present, which helps both the teacher and students to get the best out of education.


5 Critical Factors for Success in EdTech

The student tends to value content that can solve his problem and not give generic stuff that he can pick from the internet.


Chasing China: What the U.S. and China are Doing Differently in Edtech

The US undoubtedly has a strong lead in education, but, since edtech is a new concept for everyone, taking chances early in the game is critical.

Data & Recovery

The Impact Big Data Is Having How We Learn

Technology will continue to influence the way we learn as it increasingly facilitates collaborative learning.