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Growth Strategies

Building A Brand On Emotional Connect

There's a method to the madness when you want to play on your end consumers' emotions. Here are four brands that hit the bull's eye when it comes to emotional connect with Indian consumers.

Science & Technology

Why Uber Makes Us Uneasy

Violence and robberies occur in cabs, too, but the personal aspect of the sharing economy makes these occurrences even more unsettling when Uber drivers are involved.


The How-To: Tackling The Emotional Challenges Of Being An Entrepreneur

We are not really doing much to acknowledge how difficult emotions are to manage, and because of this lack of awareness, we take no action that could lead to us having a better level of control over these more complex of emotions.


What to Do When a Colleague Needs Emotional Support in the Office

How and how not to help a colleague in need…


3 Ways to Use the Power of Persuasion in Your Marketing

Persuasion requires the ability to alter not just action but attitude.

Business News

Your Future iPhone Might Know How You Are Feeling

Apple just bought Emotient, a San Diego-based artificial intelligence startup.


6 Common Barriers to Happiness and Productivity for Men

We need to recognize that men are humans, too, and have emotions.

Thought Leaders

4 Strategies to Regulate Your Emotions in Stressful Situations

How we handle our emotions in these fraught situations sends powerful clues about how we manage the pressures of leadership.

Thought Leaders

5 Tips From Author of 'The Answer' on Developing the Mindset to Build a Billion-Dollar Business

John Assaraf says you need clarity and commitment to make the big bucks.

Business News

Why Twitter Changed Its Starred 'Favorite' to a Heart-Shaped 'Like'

It's a bigger change than you think.

Social Media

Forget a 'Dislike' Button. Facebook Is Testing Cute Emoji 'Reactions' Instead.

'Like' doesn't always cut it. We need all the feels.


10 Acts of Kindness Remarkable People Perform Each Day

Individuals that others look up to are always thinking of others and looking for ways to positively influence and contribute.

Thought Leaders

4 Ways Emotional Awareness Enhances Leadership Skills

Emotions influence how we see facts and interpret data. Wise leaders take that into account when making big decisions.


Lessons From the Country Band LOCASH That Just Might Increase Your Net Worth

This Entrepreneur contributor had 'The Best Seat in the House' at a recent concert where he learned lessons from music that apply equally to business, and life.


4 Steps to Pick Yourself Up From a Tough Situation

Major losses force entrepreneurs to make hard decisions. These decisions almost always turn your life to a new chapter where the stakes are higher and the wins are bigger.