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3 Ways to Foster an LGBT-Friendly Workplace

Most LGBT workers remain closeted at work, but they can be more productive if they're not.


How to Keep Your Culture Intact When You Expand to Another City

Replicating your headquarters' desirable vibe means, first and foremost, hiring great people who will help you stay cool.

Employee Experience & Recruiting

Employees Are What Make a Company Valuable

A new study looks at how intellectual capital drives market value.

Growth Strategies

3 Ways To Handle The Exit Of Employees

From an HR to all the HRs out there.


7 Tips for Delivering Negative Feedback to Employees Without Being a Jerk

Sharing the not-so-good news is easier if you have a positive working relationship with your employees.


3 Steps That Will Empower Your Employees to Act Like CEOs

Your company is only as strong as the weakest link in your chain. So, make those links strong.


All You Need to Know About Performance Management Without Ratings

The notion that the best way to provide employees feedback is by ranking their performance on a scale of 1 to 5 may be outdated.

Thought Leaders

5 Tips for Hiring Freelancers Who Will Boost Your Business

Finding the most effective talent means knowing where to look, how to exercise due diligence and when to walk away.


5 Fatal Feedback Flaws You Must Fix

Avoid these mistakes to quickly and clearly communicate to your employees.

Employee Experience & Recruiting

Management By Weekly Check-In Is the New 'Wandering Around'

New technologies are allowing managers to keep up with their employees and track goals and employee progress.


How to Draft a Non-Compete Agreement That's Actually Enforceable

You need rock solid non-compete and confidentiality agreements with each employee to keep everyone on the same page.

News and Trends

It's Winter For Startups! Here Are Five Ways To Extend Your Runway

The new age adage- Winter is here, is hitting close to home as several start ups withdraw their placement offers made to students in premier education institutes.

Growing a Business

3 Ways in Which Annual Performance Evaluations Fail Your Team

How one-sided, infrequent and focused on the past are your performance reviews?

Growing a Business

Not Promoting From Within? Ignoring Financial Statements? Don't Be Stupid.

A lot of times, business owners do really dumb things that they would probably tell another business owner not to do.


Fix, Don't Nix, Your Performance Reviews

And while you do, keep an eye on the legal implications, both pro and con for your company.