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How SysTools Is Preventing The Occurrence of Cyber Scams

SysTools simplifies technology for the end users in the most innovative way possible !

Growth Strategies

Get Set Go Quikrrrr...

Only a handful of startups can boast of the coveted unicorn tag today.


Sales Not Closing? Know When to Panic!

The longer your product's sales cycle, the more important it is to measure progress along the way.


Customer Relationship Management: A Necessity for Automotive Sector

2016 is a year of experiential marketing and providing an unmatched experience garners the loyalty of the consumers.


From Being Employees at Facebook to Understanding Big Data Analytics

Ashish and Joydeep were part of building and leading the original Facebook Data Service Team from 2007-2011


First Make Sure You Get Your Basics Right, Funding Can Wait!

"The moment a startup starts performing above average, funds will start approaching them."

Growth Strategies

Meet the Two Indian Startups That Made It to Microsoft Accelerator's Roadshow in Silicon Valley

Microsoft Accelerator hosted 15 startup CEOs (out of +500) from its global portfolio for a five-day event in Silicon Valley and Seattle


The Complete Beginners Guide to Cloud ERP Small Businesses

The entire Enterprise Resource Planning system should be overhauled from time to time. Comprehensive need assessment must be done by businesses before selecting the right ERP solution.

News and Trends

After B2C Grocery Space, Here's Why an Auto-Rickshaw Aggregator Is Diving into B2B Logistics

"There is no reason why the B2B logistics segment can't be cracked"

Growth Strategies

What To Expect When You Turn Social Entrepreneur

It is all about sustaining, scaling, making a profit, and becoming an enterprise worth talking about.

Business Ideas

This Company Is Trying to Simplify Your Clunky Business Software

'I walk up to a copier and I just want to push a green button, make my copy and move on. And that's what we do,' says Sapho's Co-Founder Fouad EINaggar.


How This SaaS-Based App Is Helping Delivery Guys Manage Their Work Effectively

The trio makes a mobile app that makes the life of delivery guy easier and also helps enterprises increase their productivity


How This Startup Aims To Become The Google For Enterprise Solutions

Startups should learn to identify the right pain points to collaborate and work with MNCs

News and Trends

What's Pulling Investors To Enterprise Focused Startups

Investors probably anticipate higher margins, through higher revenues and lower costs, for B2B businesses

Science & Technology

8 Tech Pioneers to Watch

From online formal wear to people's posture to personal storage, these tech companies aim to improve, maybe revolutionize, our lives.