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How SysTools Is Preventing The Occurrence of Cyber Scams SysTools simplifies technology for the end users in the most innovative way possible !

By Sneha Banerjee

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The world is going digital and this revolution has both cons and pros. With time, technology is making its best contribution to make lives simpler but undoubtedly bringing an unanticipated danger of Data Disaster!

SysTools, an Indian software development firm is one of the renowned brands that have made a fruitful involvement in minimizing the effect of Digi-scams. Along with development of software applications to perform data recovery, digital forensics, and cloud backup services, the company has full engagement in practicing digital forensics as service and training also. With main focus on email investigation and mobile forensics, SysTools simplifies technology for the end users in the most innovative way possible.

Technology innovation

SysTools Software is amongst the notable brands representing India with its active and aggressive contribution in the field of Digital Forensics and eDiscovery which reflects their involvement in researching internet based activities to come up with a solution to tackle the outcome. The future is evidentially all about technology that is related to internet; starting from communications to law enforcement, investigations and analysis. Therefore, owing to the fact, the market of digital forensics can be considered quite promising in the current scenario and one that has a lot to offer everyone. SysTools Software plays a vital role in tracking & tackling cybercrime activities in India and internationally to update themselves as the nation with related consequences and prevention.

Technology Simplified for Overcoming eDiscovery Challenges

eDiscovery has a broad scope that involves collecting, investigating, and reporting the evidence to bring justice to victims of crime. However, this phase of digital forensics is not easy and involves stimulating situations which generally includes evidence available in unreadable form, deletion, platform incompatibility etc. Moreover, a network of different communities are easily connected to each other through internet, the database saved in cloud has been given great importance in digital forensics.

SysTools has made a noteworthy entry in the arena of forensics with its tool named MailXaminer. This solution extended help to collect evidence from desktop, web, and cloud based platforms and offered a way out to investigate and report evidence to the court of law. It helped to get over the challenges like corrupt or encrypted database, restoring the deleted items, filtering the necessitated data for investigation and much more.

Forensic analysts are time-pressed and need quick results for complicated tasks. The highlighting part of MailXaminer tool is it bridges the gap of investigating evidence from multiple platforms (20+ email formats, 750+MIME Types thus examination of 80+ Email Clients) which collaboratively makes it a complete tool for email analysis. Forensic examination of collected artifacts by working upon the exceptions adds a helping hand in pre-investigation phase.

Cloud Computing and Backup Plans

There is no doubt in the fact that any business growth is directly proportional to the fact that how much you are focused on the future technology, and Cloud Computing is undoubtedly one such domain. However, along with several advantages, privacy risk & security management are the major concerns raised by users. Therefore, a trusted-name in field of cloud computing is necessary to entrust the backup plans of any organization. SysTools emerged as such a name that user can trust in the field of Cloud Backup projects because of the proven track record they hold in multiple domain of data management and disaster recovery. The solution ensures that the data will not suffer from any privacy risk, and avail accessing of cloud data on desktop-applications.

Although, SysTools has deep-seated with corporate, academic and law enforcement agencies the significant progress of the company is likely across a broad spectrum of technologies. In cloud computing, SysTools has provide many solution for making data safe and secure & is still working to compete the challenges faced by clients to handle the data accessibility anytime anywhere.

Real Time Participant of Make in India Program

Achievements and Contributions made by SysTools Software to cyber forensics; MailXaminer, represents Digital Efficiency of India as a whole at the forefront. Considering "Make In India', an initiative towards promoting unrecognized talents of India that are successfully contributing to the nation's promising future; SysTools fits suitably in the category owing to – its uprising growth competing the international market. SysTools is actively into Technical Training Programs and is closely associated with CCCI (Centre for Cyber Crime Investigation, Noida, India), CBI Cyber Investigation Team, New Delhi and many other Special Cyber Cell Team in India and abroad. Main motto of the company is to Simplify Technology, through which India will have a Safe Cyber Space!

Although, SysTools is already an established corporate, it still is a suitable name worthy of being included in the lustrous developments and ventures of India that proudly represent the nation as a technically developed and growing country. Apart from being an exceptional contributor in the field of data recovery, SysTools also owns notable achievements in the recently adopted eDiscovery and Digital Forensics arena. In addition to that, the company is also a one of kind software firm from India that owns migration solutions for cloud platforms like Google Apps and Office365.

Influence of cyber applications and cloud computing is rapidly increasing day by day with different strategies for competing users' need. However, with growth in technology, challenges are also increasing for keeping data safe and secure. SysTools is one of those big names that user always depend upon for innovative ideas to handle the risk management and data security.

The SysTools Impact:

SysTools was started and developed in India. It is a successful name internationally for efficient solutions in data recovery, email conversion, and cloud backup domain. Several file viewers and file conversion tools from SysTools remarkably helped major investigations that involve digital evidence majorly in form of emails and other messages. With MailXaminer, the company broadened its services and tried hands on digital forensics which ultimately became a much called for solution for email analysis. Its research initiative and involvement with the government bodies to solve Digi-scam cases has put a step forth to make India a cyber-crime free nation which is highly appreciated.

More than this, the company has achieved the record for creating solution that is one of its kind and are the first to be developed by SysTools. Google Apps, Office 365 Migration and Management tools are introduced by the company that are acclaimed and used globally. Server migration and other backup plans are effectively executed through various applications developed by the SysTools Geeks.

Milestones in the SysTools Saga


  • SysTools joined hands with CCCI ( Centre for Cyber Crime Investigation Noida), CBI Cyber Cell and many other Police departments dedicated for Cyber Crime investigation to ensure correct evaluation of cyber activities to build a safe cyber space globally.


  • The client list was marked with a huge hike in number reaching it to 253000+ users from 90+ countries around the globe.
  • NSIC-CRISIL Rating of High Performance Capability and High Financial Strength
  • MSExchange.org Silver Award for Exchange Recovery Software


  • CIOReview Magazine Recognized SysTools as Company Of The Year in Cyber Forensics & Data Recovery
  • CIO Review SysTools As One of the Top 10 Disaster Recovery Company2013
  • Strengthen the industry standards through associations with NAASCOM, SEAP, EDRM, and MCCIA


  • Major benchmark created in Digital Forensics domain with release of flagship product MailXaminer.
  • Cloud Computing and Data backup plans received new heights through the introduction of effective Cloud backup projects.


  • Employee strength as well as the product caliber were increased to give a tough competitions to the rising challenges of IT domain.


  • Technology was made under capture with release of major breakthrough products in the domain of Server – Email management and Data Recovery.

Sneha Banerjee

Entrepreneur Staff

Former Staff, Entrepreneur India

She used to write for Entrepreneur India from Bangalore and other cities in South India. 

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