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China Creates a Unicorn Almost Every 4 days, But Still Lags Behind US

The Asian country needs to work more on advanced scientific research capability


Is Angel Tax Relief a Boon for the Indian Startup Ecosystem?

Suresh Prabhu, the Minister for Commerce and Industry, recently announced this relaxation broadening the definition of a startup by extending the tenure of existence from 7 to 10 years

Growth Strategies

5 Things you Should be Doing to Scale your Startup

Some people are simply more productive in the morning or evening. the traditional nine to five structure simply doesn't suit everyone


Ahead of the Curve's Dina Sherif Points Out Current Flaws In MENA Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

On the sidelines of Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival 2018, Dina Sherif, co-founder of Ahead of the Curve, shares her thoughts on entrepreneurship barriers in the Middle East.

Starting a Business

Why India is Not the First Destination of Choice in Asia for International Growth-Stage Startups

For decades it has been China and now it's the South East Asian countries, the favourite being Indonesia


Are Family Offices Fueling Startup's Growth in India?

Globally family offices are investing in startups since decades but it was until recently the trend started picking up in India


8 Trends That Will Reshape the Fin-Tech Landscape in 2019

All that you need to know about the recent innovations in the world of fin-techs that will open new horizons for the economy in the coming ye

Thought Leaders

The 5 Types of People You Need to Create Startup Ecosystems That Last

Every community has this store of human capital. It's a matter of marshaling it correctly

Business News

A Peek Into the Top 25 Emerging Scale-ups in Portugal: Report

The new report details the state of the Portuguese entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem.

News and Trends

Manufacturing is the Heart of the Global Economy

India has several strengths that are helping it become a manufacturing powerhouse: a large pool of engineers, a young labour force, wages that are half that of China's

Buying / Investing in Business

Overcoming Challenges in the Central and Eastern European Startup Ecosystem

Entrepreneurs will find varied opportunities in this diverse group of countries.

Starting a Business

Here is the Road Towards a Robust Indian Startup Ecosystem

Funding is an important aspect, pro-active government policies and private players have to step in to create a more sustainable environment for start-ups


Why 'Investability' is in the DNA of Great Incubators and Accelerators (Part 1 of 3)

Essential is the quality of that mentorship because that is the mechanism used in mentor-driven incubation and acceleration

Business News

Entrepreneurship in the Western Balkans: The Next Frontier?

The region stands to gain from the burgeoning entrepreneurship scene.