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Navigating Success Through The MENA's Entrepreneurial Networks

The region's dynamic networking landscape has many benefits for entrepreneurs, who need to be patient and understand the nuances of the ecosystem.

News and Trends

Future 100 Inks 25 Strategic Partnerships To Help Shape The UAE's Future Economy

These newly established partnerships are poised to achieve the objectives of the Future 100, which include enhancing readiness for the future, solidifying the UAE's status as a hub for new economy companies, creating a conducive environment for the growth and prosperity of these enterprises, and expanding opportunities for their local and global development.

Growth Strategies

A Transformational Leap: Looking Back On The Last Decade Of Saudi Arabia's Startup Ecosystem

"For the first time, we're seeing an active movement to close the gaps that have always separated us from the global digital scene."

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Save The Date: Here Are The Key Entrepreneurship Conferences In Saudi Arabia That You Need To Keep An Eye Out For

If you are a startup founder or an aspiring investor in Saudi Arabia, attending entrepreneurship conferences is a great way to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and opportunities in the Kingdom's business landscape, and to network with other entrepreneurs, investors, and experts.

Growth Strategies

Five Future Trends To Expect From Saudi Arabia's Startup Investment Landscape

As the market matures, investors need to be careful to allocate larger portions of their funds to invest in subsequent rounds with their startups, or to raise additional funds to write bigger checks.

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Roll Call: Meet The Key Stakeholders And Supporters Of Entrepreneurship In Saudi Arabia

To provide an overview of some of the most important stakeholders in Saudi Arabia's startup ecosystem, here's a non-exhaustive list of 11 organizations and institutions.

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Here's Where Steve Case Believes Tomorrow's Most Influential Companies Will Start

Hint: It's not Silicon Valley or New York City.

Women Entrepreneur™

Empowering the Women's Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

A lot is to be done yet as women entrepreneurs in India are neither considered comparable nor encouraged to be in the majority

Growth Strategies

Entrepreneurship, Community, And Confronting The Fear Of Failure

Finding a supportive community can be the difference between founding the next gamechanger, or giving up at the first setback.


Meet the Doyens of Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) Model

Read on to know how these startups are disrupting the next decade of shopping.


Three Reasons Why VCs Should Be Investing in Tunisian Startups

Despite being a small market in itself, the Tunisian VC opportunity should not be overlooked.


From Speed Dating To Healthy Relationships: How Accelerators Can Be Made To Be Better Suited For Entrepreneurs

Accelerator programs can be immensely valuable when they offer the right help to the right audience in the right context.

News and Trends

Abu Dhabi Investment Office Launches AED2 Billion Innovation Program To Foster Innovation In The UAE Capital's High-Growth Sectors

Abu Dhabi looks to boost growth in sectors with a sustainable competitive advantage.

Growth Strategies

Keeping It Real: Lessons From 2020 (Through The Lens Of Dubai's Startup Ecosystem)

Consistent action, executed relentlessly, will always pay off, at the time of any change.

News and Trends

WeWork and Virtuzone Team Up To Offer Creative Work Spaces And Company Licenses In Dubai

New businesses can now launch in the Dubai World Trade Centre Free Zone with the help of WeWork and Virtuzone.