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What Should You Value More — An Investor's Money or Their Experience?

On this episode of "Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch," a contestant has a very tough decision to make: Take the big money now, or gamble on bigger money later.

Thought Leaders

How to Create a Winning Elevator Pitch: The Founders of Smoodi and Their Giant Dancing Pineapple Explain How.

Pascal Kriesche, co-founder of Smoodi, explains how his team prepared and ultimately got what they wanted on "Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch."

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Watch to See If a Hangover Cure Can Land a $150K Investment in 60 Seconds

Season nine of 'Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch' kicks off with episode one and the cash is flowing!

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Watch the 60-Second Pitch That Landed a $500,000 Investment

Find out which companies impress our investors on another exciting episode of 'Elevator Pitch.'