Entrepreneurship in KSA

TAQADAM Tales: Saudi Arabia-Based Miqyas Has Its Sights Set On Providing Online Sizing Options For Fashion E-Commerce Retailers

Built as a software as a service (SaaS) platform, Miqyas helps online fashion retailers precisely measure clothing sizes for customers.  

TAQADAM Tales: How UnitX Plans To Capture The Computer Vision Market For Safety And Surveillance

TAQADAM was particularly helpful in kickstarting UnitX, especially when it comes to the emotional support to the founding team.

TAQADAM Tales: Rehla Car Aims To Solve Saudi Arabia's Intercity Travelling Woes

By providing ride-sharing, ride-hailing, parcel delivery, booking in advance, and tourism trips all in one platform, the startup is aiming to become the next super app of the region.

TAQADAM Tales: Biotech Startup Wayakit Is Creating Organic, Non-Toxic Products That Will Help Make Travel Safer

The female scientists and founders duo behind Wayakit explain how the COVID-19 crisis led to a business pivot, which ultimately opened doors to new sectors such as the aviation industry.

KSA-Based Natufia Makes It Easy To Grow Food In Your Home With Its Hydroponic Tech

Offering a holistic solution to healthy living, Natufia's smart garden nestled in your kitchen provides the optimal combination of water, lighting, nutrients, and even music.

Pamella de Leon

Saudi Drone Startup Firnas Aero To Cut Down Time And Resources Required To Inspect Airport Runways

KSA entrepreneur Tariq Nasraldeen, founder and Chief Executive Aviator of Firnas Aero, to elevate the drone industry by exploring an untapped avenue- the use of drones on airport runways.

Pamella de Leon

Creativity Crystallizes: TAQADAM, Powered By KAUST And SABB, Invites Applications For Its Fall 2021 Cohort

For those who apply by April 18. 2021, the TAQADAM bootcamp will start in August 2021, followed by the actual accelerator program running through March 2022.

Tamara Pupic

Having Announced Its 2020 Winners, KAUST and SABB Now Welcome Applications For Its 2021 TAQADAM Startup Accelerator Program

TAQADAM, a Saudi Arabia-based startup accelerator program that aims to develop high-potential startups, has announced its 2020 winners and opened applications for its 2021 cohort.