Now Is a Better Time Than Ever to Land This Type of Financing for Your Franchise

An economic perfect storm has created a flood of cash in the market.

Dan Rowe

Stock Market Downgrades Are Dragging The S&P 500 Lower

It is no secret that equities have increased pressure due to tightening margins. While the split between companies is about 50/50 in terms of how many S&P 500 companies (NYSEARCA:...

Thomas Hughes

Reducing the Cancer Burden in Black Communities: The Role of Education and Investor Support

Black people are more likely to die from cancer than other racial group, yet there is significant underrepresentation of Black healthcare providers, scientists and advocates who can help to facilitate earlier cancer detection and better health outcomes.

The Win Lose Trap We Face in the Office

Inclusive leaders acknowledge and embrace both competition and collaboration.

How Jasmin Foster's Black Woman-Owned Stationery Brand Is Bringing DEI to Target

We spoke with Foster, whose BeRootedco.com is the first Black woman-owned stationery brand to make it on the retail giant's shelves, about shaking up her industry and keeping diversity, equity and inclusion top of mind.

Nika White

The Future Of Founder Is Female!

Only 2.3% of all equity funding raised in 2020 globally went to women-led startups

Ritu Marya

Taking a Closer Look at Preferred Equity and Why It's So Powerful in Real Estate

Preferred equity can be a decisive advantage for both sponsors and investors alike.

Feras Moussa

Here's How to Have the Most Powerful DEI Conversations

Critical discussions about diversity, equity and inclusion don't have to feel difficult or uncomfortable. Community agreements are the answer.

Nika White

Billionaire Elon Musk's SpaceX Gets $337.4 Million Boost in Equity Financing

The company, which counts Alphabet Inc and Fidelity Investments among its investors, had raised about $1.16 billion in equity financing in April.

The Epoch Times

Avoiding the Sea of Sameness: How Hiring for Culture Improves DEI

Learn the difference between culture fit and culture add. And why you need both to succeed.

Nika White

We All Know There Is a Lack of Diversity in the Workplace. Who Is Responsible?

How can companies better honor their Black Lives Matter pledges?

Madhu Chamarty

Ask a Startup Lawyer: How Should You Manage Co-Founder Equity?

One lawyer explains when and how to formalize equity splits between founders.

Mital Makadia