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Apple iPhone Export From India Reach INR 10,000 Crore In May: Report

According to the report, Indian officials are hopeful that Apple's increasing involvement in India can serve as a model to convince other US companies, including Tesla, to move their supply chains to the country

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Dubai Chamber's Rapid Response Initiative Sees Rising Demand For PPE Products On Its Online Marketplace

66 companies have registered for personal protective equipment (PPE) on Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry's online marketplace, Rapid Response Initiative (RRI), marking a 340% surge in registration since the marketplace's launch earlier this year.

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Dubai Chamber Members' Exports To China Peak During May 2020

Dubai's diversification of exports and development of manufacturing industries identified as key factors driving the growth of China-bound exports.

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Over 5k 'Risky' Exporters Identified for Fraud in GST Return

Fraudulent claims of Integrated GST (IGST) refunds by exporters could exceed INR 1,000 crore

Starting a Business

Proudly South African CEO Eustace Mashimbye On Exporting From South Africa

Proudly South African CEO Eustace Mashimbye shares his insights on how local entrepreneurs can leverage exporting to grow.

Starting a Business

How Uzair Essack Found His Niche in Exporting

Uzair Essack founded CapeCrops because he wanted to earn in foreign currencies and access wider markets. This is his advice on starting an export business.

Growth Strategies

How to Grow Your Business as an Exporter

Many local manufacturers have achieved unimagined heights of growth and success by exporting their products. Here's how to get started and succeed in foreign markets.

Starting a Business

5 Simple Steps to Importing into South Africa for Small Business Owners

At TNT, we often come across concerned small business owners who need some guidance around the basics of importing. The first step is simple – get the paperwork right.

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Georgia Could Become the First Country to Export Legal Marijuana

Overseas cannabis sales could pump hundreds of millions of dollars a year into the Georgian economy.


How These Start-ups are Repairing What Lies at the Heart of Global Logistic Process

Freight forwarding is as broken as integrated are the warehousing and the delivery in India.


How Did This Age-Old Electrical Company bag Government's Project of Providing Street Lights All Across The City

From being the sole providers and manufacturers of ceiling fans to providers of street light today, indeed Orient electric has come a long way.

Growth Strategies

5 Lessons From Shooshoos On Going Global

Great brands are built when the right product finds a strong market fit, and the business has a firm strategy and strong foundations in place. Here's how the owners of Shooshoos are taking a much-loved South African brand global.


The Prince of Gold Knows His Way From the 'Way Bottom'

"I have come to be loved and respected by everyone in the organization and this is the best thing that has happened to me"

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The Top Trade Exports from Every State (Infographic)

The export industry supports more than 41 millions jobs in the U.S.

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Foreign Exchange Will Not Set Off Impact from The Export Earners

This budget in a way is path breaking in terms of it accent on building the rural side.