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Importance of a Diverse Workforce in Logistic Industry

The word diversity brings to mind a mix of genders, age groups, races, religions, languages and cultures at an organizational level, diversity also encompasses educational qualifications, skills, and experience levels

News and Trends

Why It Will Take More Than Two Centuries to Close Gender Pay Gap at the Workplace

The World Economic Forum's 2018 global report says on average, women make just 63 percent of what men earn


Rise above Gender Marketing: The Future is Gender Neutral

Gender Neutrality is what the brands are missing on, they must overcome this blockage gender-based marketing in order to grow


Road of Life is Not Always Straight

It is time to celebrate the work of entrepreneurs and business leaders, who belong to the LGBTQ community

Growth Strategies

The Importance Of Having Diversity In The Workplace

Recruiting from a diverse pool of people can benefit the company as well as its employees, says science.


How Organizations can Promote Gender Diversity in Tech

Companies are not applying a gender lens to their corporate social responsibility and philanthropy efforts, research shows


Don't Be the Next Headline: How to Implement Diversity Training the Right Way

Employ a strengths-based approach to diversity to improve your company as a whole.

Buying / Investing in Business

Women Invest Differently Than Men and Get Better Results

Women are on track to become richer in coming decades. How they invest it will move markets.

Growth Strategies

7 Practical Ways to Reduce Bias in Your Hiring Process

Companies like Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Twitter and others have recently announced their commitment towards gender diversity at workplaces

Growth Strategies

How can Indian Companies Encourage LGBT Workplace Inclusion

Educating employees about the gender equality is an important aspect of HR practices

Women Entrepreneur™

How Can Indian Corporates Build a Gender Inclusive Workplace

It is the women workforce that brings the right amount of emotional maturity and intelligence to the company


Is Culture and Gender Equality in India Still a Far Cry?

Parmesh Shahani, Head, Godrej India Culture Lab talks about gender diversity at workplaces