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Importance of a Diverse Workforce in Logistic Industry The word diversity brings to mind a mix of genders, age groups, races, religions, languages and cultures at an organizational level, diversity also encompasses educational qualifications, skills, and experience levels

By Abhishek Bansal

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Fostering a diverse workforce can contribute to the overall character of a company in terms of creativity, expertise, performance, innovation and productivity. There is a little wonder in the fact that a good blend of diverse personalities and backgrounds in the workforce often prove to be a boon for dynamic industries such as logistics.

Let us discuss some aspects of diversity and how it impacts the logistics industry.

Gender Diversity:

In the present e-commerce universe, half the customers are women - so having a woman workforce enables a deeper understanding of how products and processes can be evolved for the comfort of all audience. It also helps in developing safety strategies from a woman's perspective. Call masking is a safety feature used by the most reliable players in the logistics industry to ensure that a woman's phone number does not fall into wrong hands or misused.

This is just one side of the story. With an evolving society, the line between capabilities of a man and a woman are becoming more blurred than ever. Today women are actively involved in operating forklifts, freight forwarding and delivery too and there is a steady 10 —15per cent increase year on year.

With the increasing number of women end-customers, women delivery partners will balance the supply chain and gradually even out the male-dominated space in the logistics business

Educational diversity:

Having a team of people with a wide range of educational backgrounds help in bringing various perspectives and ideas to the table. While graduates from top B-schools prove to be great at strategizing and executing management decisions, graduates from commerce colleges are more proficient in carrying out business operations. Employees from engineering backgrounds often help in providing ideas and resolutions to complex problems.

This becomes even more important in the logistics and supply chain where multiple handshakes happen continuously from cataloging a product, to warehousing it; managing the on-field delivery people and creating optimum routes for efficient utilization of vehicles & fuel to tracking the entire movement (blockchain) – having a workforce which comes from different background becomes an imperative and having more variety only amplifies our efficiencies in each leg of the supply chain.

Career Diversity:

We are open to hiring employees from various fields of work and not just logistics. It helps in bringing completely fresh ideas and processes to the table. Best practices from different companies can be modified and incorporated to suit a start up's ethos and to fill the gaps in the various verticals of the organization.

Cultural Diversity:

An organization that embraces cultural diversity becomes more attractive to job seekers. This is especially true for a logistics company whose network covers the length and breadth of the country.

Language is also an important part of cultural diversity.

Encouraging diversity in the logistics industry will build a more positive perception about the opportunities in this field, especially for women job seekers. The industry should relish diversity and treat every employee equally irrespective of their gender, race, education, experience, etc.

Unity in diversity is something we also believe in internally and respect all castes, religions, races, genders etc.
It also forms the backbone of a very fun place to work at with candid stories and references from various cultures which helps in increasing our knowledge about the world as a whole and also have a good time during our laborious hours!

Abhishek Bansal

Co Founder & CEO, Shadowfax

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