Abhishek Bansal

Co Founder & CEO, Shadowfax

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New Trends And Technologies Evolving Supply Chain And Logistics

Other industries utilizing supply chain services are also experiencing benefits in terms of cost-effectiveness and better efficiencies
Machine Learning

How is Machine Learning Influencing Supply Chain Management?

ML also helps to keep the supply chain updated about weather forecasts, traffic situations and other important factors directly or indirectly impacting the delivery schedule
Growth Strategies

5 Disruptive Forces Responsible for the Evolution of Logistics Industry

From Geo-Fencing to Door-step delivery these are the things that you need to know

5 Innovative Logistics Practices for Enhanced Accuracy & Efficiency in Customer Relations

From Geo-Fencing to Door-step delivery these are the things that you need to know
Workplace Diversity

Importance of a Diverse Workforce in Logistic Industry

The word diversity brings to mind a mix of genders, age groups, races, religions, languages and cultures at an organizational level, diversity also encompasses educational qualifications, skills, and experience levels

The Impact of E-commerce Boom on the Last Mile Logistics During the Festive Season

The logistics industry gears up for this rush by increased hiring of delivery partners, trainers and other logistics and warehouse related facilities

Last Mile Deliveries Creating Countless Employment Opportunities

For last mile delivery companies employ people from local towns and villages who do not have to travel far to earn their livelihood