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Estas son las mejores apps para iOS y Android de 2023

Pese a que estamos en el boom de la inteligencia artificial generativa, Apple dejó fuera a ChatGPT, mientras que Google la incluyó gracias a la votación de los usuarios.


Se incrementa la tensión entre Twitter y Apple; Elon Musk dice que lo amenazaron de retirar la app

Elon Musk dijo que está dispuesto a sacar un nuevo teléfono, si Android y Apple llegan a bloquear Twitter.


Facebook pierde tracción y abandona el Top 10 de las apps más descargadas en la App Store y Google Play

La red social desarrollada por Mark Zuckerberg tiene tiempo batallando para mantenerse vigente y los rankings muestran que nuevas opciones como TikTok y BeReal son las que cautivan hoy a los usuarios.

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India Is A Leading Hub In Global App Innovation Ecosystem, Says Aditya Swamy

The Google Play partnership director also said that the company will continue to invest in India to encourage budding innovations


Google prohíbe docenas de aplicaciones que contienen software de recolección de datos ilícitos

Se descubrió que todo, desde el clima hasta las aplicaciones de oración, contenía un código oculto que podía recopilar la ubicación, la dirección de correo electrónico, el número de teléfono y más de un usuario.

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Google Bans Dozens of Apps Containing Illicit Data-Harvesting Software

Everything from the weather to prayer apps were found to contain hidden code that could harvest a user's location, email address, phone number and more.

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Google Asks App Developers To Share Type Of Data Collected From Users

The announcement comes at a time Apple and Facebook are at war after the former announced it will roll out an update in its iOS that will let users know if an app is tracking them over websites and apps


Google India Streamlines Play Store Policies For Gamified Loyalty Programs

The revised policy is based on numerous negotiations with startup founders and executives in India and across the world

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Paytm Stands Against Google, Launches Its Own Mini App Store

More than 300 app-based service providers, such as Ola, Rapido, 1MG, Domino's Pizza, No Broker etc, have already joined the Paytm app store

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Google Drops Paytm From Play Store; Restores Later

Paytm through its official Twitter handle confirmed that they are back on Google Play Store


CamScanner Banned: 5 Indian Alternatives That Will Sort Your Scanning Work

If you were using CamScanner and you need a replacement that can do the same job or even better. Entrepreneur India brings you a list of five made-in-India application for your document, photo, receipt scanning


A Beginner's Guide to Starting and Marketing an App

First-timers in app development tend to ask the same questions over and over. Here are the answers.


5 Best Reminder Apps So You Don't Miss Out On Important Tasks

Why miss important meetings, calls, chore, engagements and more when an app can take care of everything?

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3 Lesser Known App Marketplaces for Entrepreneurs Seeking to Build an App Business

Think that Google Play and the App Store are your only options? Think again.

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Microsoft Beats Amazon & IBM's Biggest Transaction Till Date: 4 Things to Know Today

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