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Google Changes NFT Policy For Play Store

According to reports, Google's new Play policy will make it easy to transact blockchain-based content in apps and games. It will help developers boost user loyalty through NFT rewards and reimagine traditional games with user-owned content

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Google Files Legal Complaint Against CCI For Protecting Amazon: Report

Google is currently arguing against any penalty in India's Supreme Court and denying allegations of market abuse

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These Are the Highest Paid CEOs — And 9 Make More Than $100 Million a Year, According to a New Report

Blackstone CEO Stephen Schwarzman took the top spot from Alphabet's Sundar Pichai in total compensation in 2022.


Desaprendizaje Automático: Google desafía a la inteligencia artificial a olvidar

Conforme la tecnología avanza y se apodera de más espacios, es necesario dotarla con la capacidad de olvidar algunas cosas para evitar la propagación de errores y proteger la privacidad de los usuarios.

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Writing Content With AI Won't Help You Win Against Google Search Rankings. Here's Why.

While it might be convenient to use artificial intelligence like ChatGPT to assist in writing content for your website, blog or other business-related work, you might want to be cautious of how much you lean on it for help.

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Google Announces the Launch Of Second Edition Of Startup School 2023

As per the company, India is home to close to a lakh startups and this year, Google plans to reach out to 30,000 startups and offer instructor-led sessions on a series of topics such as AI, leadership, product and tech strategy, marketing


Google advierte a sus empleados sobre el riesgo de utilizar la inteligencia artificial en la oficina

La empresa desarrolló Bard, el modelo de lenguaje autorregresivo que sugiere a sus empleados no utilizar en el ámbito laboral.

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If You Used Google Anytime Between 2006 and 2013, the Company May Owe You Money—Here's How to Collect

Google is paying $23 million to settle a class-action lawsuit that claims it violated user privacy by sharing data with third parties.

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Google Lens May Be Able to Identify Skin Conditions After a Simple Scan

Lens, Google's visual search tool, can now help search for possible skin conditions when users put a photo in the Google app.

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Google Employees Are Reportedly Mocking the Company's Updated Hybrid Work Policy

In early June, Google informed employees that changes would be made to its hybrid work policy, including considering attendance records in performance reviews and tracking badge usage.

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Google Wants Employees Back in the Office, Considering 'Attendance' in Performance Reviews

In an email, a Google executive reportedly told employees that many new features and products unveiled during Google's developer conference last month were "conceived, developed, and built by teams working side by side."

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14 Easy Ways to Rank Your Website Higher on Google

Despite Google's algorithm and regular updates, you can quickly boost your website's ranking with these tips.


¿Cómo impactará la inteligencia artificial tu estrategia SEO?

Hablamos con Seth Trammell, analista y especialista en posicionamiento orgánico para entender el modo en el que ChatGPT, Bard y la inteligencia artificial impactarán el posicionamiento de tus contenidos.

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Google Is Not Infallible After CCI's Action, Says MapMyIndia CEO

According to Rohan Verma, till now, Google was unfairly shaping what was accessible to customers to consumers by forcing the pre-loading of its apps

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Telcos Increases SMS Tariff By 25% For Overseas Tech Firms

As per the report, the firms have urged TRAI to advise telecom operators to levy domestic rates on them as their server is in India and they have an Indian subsidiary, which serves Indian consumers