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Ignoring This Website Essential Can Hurt Your Search Ranking — and Bring Legal Consequences

Learn the importance of website accessibility for businesses, highlighting its impact on customer engagement and SEO effectiveness.


These 3 Big Tech Companies Offer 6-Figure Salaries and Easy Interviews — Especially If You Follow This Expert's Advice

There are far more candidates than positions, so being strategic on the job hunt is key.


¿Google realmente genera tráfico? Un estudio da una respuesta preocupante

Un análisis de SparkToro demuestra que la mayoría de las búsquedas se quedan en el ecosistema de Google.

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Google's Parent Company Alphabet Eyeing $23 Billion Startup Cybersecurity Acquisition

Alphabet, Google's parent company, are in talks to buy startup cybersecurity company, Wiz, worth $23 billion

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Nvidia and the Magnificent Seven Have 'Immense Returns,' but Strategists Say There Are Risks

The Magnificient Seven includes Nvidia, Amazon, Apple, Meta, Microsoft, Google, and Tesla.

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New Google Report Reveals the Hidden Cost of AI

Google has a long way to go to meet its 2030 goal.

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Google Now Requires Advertisers to Label When They Use Deepfakes in Election Ads

Google's update requires that advertisers check off "altered or synthetic content" if they're running ads containing deepfakes.

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4 Tech Announcements You Don't Want To Miss

Google revealed the dates for its Made by Google event, OpenAI unveiled their CriticGPT language model, and Meta began rolling out its Meta AI assistant in India


Google trabaja en chatbots inspirados en celebridades, influencers y personajes de ficción

La idea de la empresa es mejorar la manera en la que los usuarios interactúan con la inteligencia artificial.

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Google's AI Is Now Appearing in Gmail and Docs

AI is being introduced to some of Google's most popular products.

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Google's AI Overview Has Changed Since Its Debut, and These Websites Have Benefitted the Most

There are five newcomers in the Top 10 most cited websites.


Atención: si tu sitio no cuenta con una versión "mobile", perderás todo el tráfico de Google

A partir del 5 de julio el motor de búsqueda dejará de indexar a los sitios que no cuenten con una versión para dispositivos móviles.

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Want to Boost Your Company's Search Ranking? Try This Google-Recommended Website Structure

Follow these simple steps to increase your search ranking, make users spend more time on your site and make them come back for more in the future.