Why I Get a Coffee with Someone New at 8 a.m. Every Single Day

Through daily coffee meetings, I discovered a unique opportunity to build new, meaningful friendships and expand my network.

Growing a Business

How I Simplify All My To-Do Lists With This One Simple Practice

Focus on continuous, high-impact tasks that drive growth to simplify your startup's operations into a few clear, actionable sentences.


Do You Diminish Your Employees? How to Be a Multiplier and Elevate the People Around You

Great leaders empower their teams by being multipliers, fostering a culture of respect, trust and innovation.


I Used to Be Consumed by Self-Doubt — Here's How I 'Tricked' Myself Into Trusting My Gut Again

Many of us struggle with self-trust and going after the things we want in life, but it doesn't have to be that way.

Science & Technology

3 Metrics That Matter When Measuring the Success of Your PR Campaigns

ROI is always the goal in public relations. But did you know there are ways to measure it quantitatively rather than just assess it qualitatively? Here are some options to consider to automate and calculate the impact of your PR efforts.

Business Culture

Don't Be Coy With Your Employees — Here's What Healthy Transparency Looks Like

Organizations need to stop being coy about building relationships with future talent and retaining the talent they already have.

Making a Change

How I Turned My Learning Disabilities Into a Superpower

This article outlines my journey from struggling with multiple learning disabilities to recognizing my unique abilities as a strength. It explains how leveraging my personality, interests, and instincts helped me build self-confidence and achieve success as an entrepreneur and leader.

Growing a Business

5 Lessons I've Learned While Building a Thriving Online Community

In a digital world controlled by algorithms that demand your attention and fight to trigger a jerk-knee reaction, communities bring order to chaos and — most importantly — quality.

Growing a Business

Why a 7-Week Break From Work Took My Business and Team to Record Growth

My seven-week sabbatical launched my business to new heights — here's why.

Growing a Business

5 Effective Strategies for Building a High-Performing Global Team

Global expansion is a significant milestone on the development path of any ambitious enterprise. Using appropriate technologies and strategies can set apart successful firms from average or struggling ones

Business Culture

Planning to Undergo a Business Transformation? Here Are 5 Tips to Help You Get Started

Undergoing a transformation in any business can be challenging, especially for an established company. As a leader, you'll want to ensure the business and, most importantly, your teams are ready to take on the challenge.


How Leaders Can Build Acquisition-Ready Companies

Leaders play a crucial role in preparing their companies for potential acquisition, particularly in the tech industry. They must start implementing strategies to make their organizations attractive for M&A opportunities.

Business Culture

How Entrepreneurs Can Apply the 7 Laws of Success to Their Business and Personal Life

Most folks have a hard line between work and life. "It's just business," "I am a different person at work," etc. But what if we brought some of the beauty of the personal into the professional?


Your Customers Won't Trust You Unless You Embrace These 5 Strategies

Starting with a base of trustworthiness, truthfulness, and moral principles will attract people to your brand and encourage them to become dedicated, loyal customers for the long haul.

Business Process

If You Want to Be a Good Leader, Understand Your People — Here's Why the Best Entrepreneurs Make Time to Understand Their Employees

Entrepreneurs who quickly identify people's working styles have the best chance of getting the right people in the right seats to scale.