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Growth Strategies

How Healthcare Benefits From Digitization

The Digitization process can lead to greater advantage for patients and to the practicing doctors.

Business News

Republicans Win Obamacare Legal Challenge, Add to Insurer Concerns

U.S. District Judge Rosemary Collyer ruled that the administration cannot spend billions of dollars in federal funds to provide subsidies under Obamacare to private insurers without the approval of Congress.

Social Media

5 Trends Reinventing Healthcare

Technology is slowly reshaping how the sprawling and decentralized web of medical providers and insurers do business.

Thought Leaders

Signing Her Grandmother's Do Not Resuscitate Order Led This Entrepreneur to Found a Health Tech Startup

Kelli Thomas-Drake created an app that places critical medical data into patients' hands and aims to put the heart back into healthcare advocacy.

Business News

Google Glass-Based Startup Raises $17 Million in Funding

Augmendix, based in San Francisco, has raised $40 million so far.


Why Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes Should Be Banned

When startups fail, founders don't get an 'A' for effort. That's not how it works in the real world -- certainly not when lives are at stake.

Thought Leaders

How This Entrepreneur Paid Off $400,000 Without Closing His Business

A struggling pediatrician reshapes himself into an entrepreneur and builds a healthcare powerhouse.


Now, Control Chronic Diseases Like Diabetes With These Tech Startups

Diabetes is a rampant epidemic in India that has impacted over 60 million people living in country.


What Made Marquee Angel Investors Fund This Startup

This healthcare startup on Wednesday secured a whopping $200,000 in its Pre-Series A funding from strategic investors with a strong Healthcare background.


Why More Women Prefer Healthcare As Their Desired Job Industry

Healthtech expert Anu Acharya shares why healthcare industry is a popular choice among women entrepreneurs


Zocdoc Ditches $80 Logo for a Kinda Cute 'Z'

Eight years after launching, the online healthcare marketplace unveils its first top-to-bottom rebrand.

Growth Strategies

Franchising The Healthcare Industry

A conversation with A Velumani, owner of Thyrocare


The Healthcare Maven

When his father had to visit the hospital frequently, he decided to change the medical industry