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"If You Are An Innovator, You Have To Create Your Own Road"

Varun Gera was a former CEO at United Healthcare India prior to taking the entrepreneurial route!


Your Mobile Phone Could Be The Cause Of Your Skin Problems

5 secrets you probably didn't know about the relationship between your skin and mobile phone.

Growing a Business

Customer Loyalty Is Spelled N-P-S

NPS is a measurement tool that helps businesses gauge how likely customers are to refer others.

Business News

This Company Uses Lasers to Relieve Pain and Treat Cancer

Roger Dumoulin-White, president and CEO of Theralase Technologies, describes the new devices and therapies his company is bringing to market.

Growth Strategies

'App' Solute Innovation In Fighting Diabetes

The idea to create an App also emerged from the lack of innovation in healthcare and the dependency on conventional treatment.

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Here's What Helped CureJoy Raise Fresh Round of Funds

"Fundraising isn't a goal in itself, it does help in validating the direction and as an appreciation of whatever success we have had so far"

Health & Wellness

These Startups Are Disrupting the Healthcare Industry With Targeted Cancer Treatments

Innovations in big data, machine learning and in-device sensors are changing the nature of technology startups.

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Show Them You Care and They'll Keep Coming Back

Health Care providers should never take their out-of-network patients for granted.

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Bangalore –Based Incubator And VC To Invest In 5 Healthcare Startups This Year

Size of each investment including follow-on funding will range between $500,000 and $2,000,000.


6 Things To Consider While You Are Setting Up a Spa & Salon Business

Once you are ready to open your salon and spa the biggest question you need to answer is "who is your spa & salon for?"

Health & Wellness

Diagnosing a Sick Healthcare Industry

Healthcare in the US has metastasized, threatening to take over the host economy. If ever there was a paradigm in need of entrepreneurs intent on disruption, here it is. Have at it.


How This Mohali-Based Startup Helps You Track Diabetes Using Your Mobile

Investors typically expect startups to operate out of a metro in close proximity so that it can be scaled up easily

Growth Strategies

5 HR Strategies To Promote Employee Health And Safety

Any company's major loss would be the loss of employees when they are not safe and secure during their working hours.


How This Startup Is Blending Technology with Healthcare Using Chatbots

The company expects to reach at least a million users by end of the year by having chatbots on various chat platforms

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10 Health Companies to Watch - Entrepreneur's Brilliant 100

These companies are shaking up the health industry with apps, video games, tampons and more.