How This Startup Is Blending Technology with Healthcare Using Chatbots

The company expects to reach at least a million users by end of the year by having chatbots on various chat platforms

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Chatbots seem to be the flavour of the season! These are computer program designed to simulate an intelligent conversation which helps in catering to our customers more effectively. The sector has further gathered steam after industrial magnet Ratan Tata invested an undisclosed amount in, run by Techbins Solutions Pvt. Ltd, a start-up that offers a chat-bot for users to perform transactions.

To increase their market reach, companies are aggressively weaving chatbots to their business models. The latest one to join the bandwagon is FitCircle, a team of expert nutritionists and health advisors who offer personalized advice to users.

Using chatbots, the FitCircle way

Co-founder Aarti Gill says the company has built innovative chatbots on various messenger platforms like Slack, Whatsapp, FitCircle App to ensure quality engaging content and advisory can be leveraged by users in the most convenient way.

"Our chatbots understand the user's preference and problem areas and suggests options accordingly. The unique combination of Experts and bots enables the company to offer global users instant, high-quality advice anytime, even at the upper scale. FitCircle has also optimized the behavioural triggers that keep users engaged and motivated to achieve their fitness goals," she said

FitCircle has been working on chatbots for a couple of months now. A mix of experts and chatbots ensure that the productivity of an expert is improved.

"While in an offline set-up, an expert can cater to maximum 10-12 people a day, our combination of experts and bots ensures that a expert can cater to around 80-100 people a day ensuring we can deliver free advice and help as many users as possible to achieve their fitness goal," Aarti said.

The company expects to reach at least a million users by end of the year by having chatbots on various chat platforms and help users with quality advice on nutrition and workouts

Health situation of modern India

"Twenty-five per cent of patients in India, who die of stroke, are below the age of 40 and there are 55 million diabetic people in India. Modern lifestyle is the cause for this. A healthy diet and regular exercise can keep many diseases at bay.

We witnessed that due to ever-quickening lifestyle, people working in corporates do not get enough time to focus on their health. While many organizations have started focusing on corporate wellness, digital wellness will play a key role going forward. The focus is to keep innovating so as to bring down the cost of living a healthy lifestyle for a user."

Three health tips for today's youngsters

  • Make a fitness partner. Keep pushing each other and try to raise the bar each week
  • Pick choose the workout style that you like be it the Sports that you love, dance, yoga etc. If you pick choose the activity that you like, you are bound to stick to it for a longer time.
  • Stop looking at your Weight & BMI, focus on your Fat Percentage & Muscle Mass.

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