Good Leadership Is a Lot Like a Bag of Golf Clubs, According to the CEO of Hooters

Hooters of America CEO Sal Melilli talks about moving from working at the kitchen sink to in the C-suite, diversifying income streams, and celebrating 40 years of Hooters Girls.

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Hooters Server Goes Viral for Sharing the Company's Tuition Reimbursement Policy, But Later Gets Fired for 'Technicality'

One former Hooters employee is going viral after sharing how working at Hooters was helping to reimburse her for medical school.


Hooters celebra sus 40 años con su calendario 2023

Un dólar de cada calendario vendido se utilizará para apoyar la investigación del cáncer de mama.

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'My Flash is On': Man Exposed By Hooters Server for Snapping Photos of Employees

A Hooters waitress is going viral after exposing a customer who was taking photos of her fellow workers on the job.

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Hooters Waitress Exposes Strict Appearance, Work Policies in Viral Video

One TikToker is going viral for exposing the reasons why her coworkers were fired — and it has nothing to do with the customers or uniforms.

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From Franchisor to a Competitor's Franchisee: How a Hooters Owner Bounced Back

Former Hooters owner is back in business at Twin Peaks.


A Coffee Shop Franchise Where the Baristas Wear Almost Nothing Is Actually a Thing

Based in California, Bottoms Up Espresso is just beginning to franchise.

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Sin Is in at These Booming Eateries

At some restaurants, the seven deadly sins aren't just vices: They're big business, too.


Starbucks, Hooters and 10 Other Chains Honoring Veterans With Deals

A snapshot of the restaurant and retail chains that are serving up Veterans Day deals to those who have served our country.


Franchise Players: International Hooters Franchisee on Taking the Business Worldwide

With Hooters locations from South Africa to Portland, Ore., Michael Pruitt knows how to make a brand go global.


'Breastaurant' Battle Ends With Pair of Press Releases

Hooters and La Cima, a franchisee for Twin Peaks, reach an out-of-court settlement -- though the war of words continues.


'Breastaurants' Ring Up Big Profits

Restaurants that woo men with attractive waitresses, big beer selections & giant TVs are winning loyal customers--and raking in revenues.