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Hooters Waitress Exposes Strict Appearance, Work Policies in Viral Video

One TikToker is going viral for exposing the reasons why her coworkers were fired — and it has nothing to do with the customers or uniforms.


The service industry can be a toxic environment no matter where you work — with disgruntled customers, demanding managers, and a fast-paced work environment that make the job extra stressful.

Jeffrey Brown/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images
Jeffrey Brown/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

One server at a Hooters restaurant is exposing a few downsides to working at the company — and it has nothing to do with the customers or uniforms.

TikToker @jardintaylor went viral for a video she showed of her dancing with her Hooters co-workers all in uniform which quickly cuts to a screen of her alone saying "they all get fired." The video has received over 4.8 million views.

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She then posted a follow-up video, which has received over 479,000 views explaining what happened to all of the workers who were let go.

The first girl was let go because she showed up late to her shift which is internally called a "write-up". It seems like a punishable offense, but the TikToker explained that other girls had shown up late for their shifts multiple times.

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She then dove into the strict dress codes that employees are faced with, notably their hair and jewelry choices.

"One of the main rules of Hooters is whatever you look like when you are hired, you have to maintain that standard," she said. "And so [one employee] dyed her hair red and [management was] saying 'you can't come into work with your hair that color.' And she already spent the money on getting her hair dyed that color, so she was fired because she wouldn't change her hair back."

The Hooters employee then explained that they are also only allowed to wear stud hearings (no hoops), no necklaces, one ring per finger, and per another employee's firing, no septum nose rings.

Entrepreneur reached out to Hooters for comment.

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