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What India Expects from #Budget 2019

Fintech, healthcare, start-ups, tourism, here is a list of what these industries are yearning for from #budget 2019

Bhavya Kaushal

How Trade Insurance Helps Your Business Prosper

Trade insurance can protect your company against the risk of your buyers not paying and sometimes even your suppliers not honoring their obligation.

M. Rajendran

Ride-hailing App Grab to Offer Insurance in Southeast Asia

Given the company's regional presence in Southeast Asia, the China-based entity has formed a joint venture with Grab to expand its services in the region

Komal Nathani

Re-Imagining the World of Insurance – Digital Transformation

The key to reducing the cost is moving towards the no-touch claim method also serving in reducing the fraud and allowing risk managers to better engage with customers rather than spending time behind paperwork

Naval Goel

The 2019 Outlook for NBFCs

Regardless of the recent panic, NBFCs are here to stay and play an important role in economic growth and financial inclusion

VP Nandakumar

In 6 years, Geeta Goel-led Dell has Invested $200 mn in India

Goel tells how investing has shifted in terms of new areas emerging in same field

Balancing the Big with the Small: Established Companies and Start-ups Coming Together

An association between these two complementary facets of the business ecosystem, oriented towards a common goal, could, therefore, be a win-win situation for all involved

Subir Mukherjee

Insurance in Rural India: Tremendous Potential, But a Tedious Task

There is a severe need to consider the expansion of the insurance domain in the rural sector, both by the insurance companies, as well as the central and state governments on a whole.

Subir Mukherjee

Re-Imagining the World of Insurance – Digital Transformation

Soon people will begin to expect an insurer to access their data and to do something tailored specifically for them with it, social networks will help people with mutually aligned interests and common risk factors to form peer-to-peer insurance pools

Naval Goel

Look To The Future

By protecting your employees, their future and their income, you're also protecting your business says Walter van der Merwe, CEO of Fedgroup Life.


How to Attract and Retain Top Talent

Building your employer brand: A can't-miss discussion covering all the dos and don'ts of hiring and keeping the best employees.