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#Six Trends that Will Disrupt the Insurance Industry for Good

The insurance industry, which is presently pegged at USD 60billion, is expected to grow four folds in the next 10 year period

These are the Next Big Things in Insurtech Believes this Insurance Top Honcho

It is important to embrace technology which brings efficiency and improves customer experience

Sanchita Dash

How to Maximize Your Earnings from Budget 2018?

Ruling in 19 out of India's 29 states, with this year's budget, the ruling government has made huge attempts to promote creation of more jobs opportunities

Why Life Insurance Has to Be Part of Your Wealth-Building Plan

Find out why this expert says life insurance isn't a waste of money – it's leverage you need to gain financial freedom.

Mark J. Kohler

Is Micro-Insurance the Next Big Innovation for India?

Because of the affordability and specificity of Micro-Insurance plans , majority of Indians can get the advantages of insurance

Sushant Reddy

Make Smart Investment Choices Today for a Better Tomorrow

A smart move like asset allocation gives great results over a long period of time, without having to actively monitor or intervene in the investment process

Anil Rego

This Is How Fintech Will Transform The Insurance Industry

The insurance sector has benefited from Fintech and will continue to do so in the near future

Varun Dua

This Startup is Taking Digital Services to Every Corner of Rural India

The company is trying to create a network of Digital Runners across villages, who are available on demand to deliver digital services

Nidhi Singh

How This Insurance Company Rose Up the Ranks Riding the Digital Wave

IndiaFirst Life Insurance has taken the digitally-enabled path for their 94 lakh customers, says MD and CEO RM Vishakha

Sanchita Dash

This Software Company is Happy to Leverage its Niche Services to Grow

The company does not believe in expansion only through scale

Nidhi Singh

Your Business is Being Sued? Here's What You Should Do

From financial repercussions to reputation in market, one can't know how badly it could affect you and your business

Komal Nathani