Intellectual Property


Is the Company Tagline You Want to Use Already Someone Else's Trademark? Here's How to Avoid Legal Issues and Infringement.

Emphasizing the importance for small business owners to ensure that their chosen company taglines or trademarks are not already registered, to avoid potential legal issues and infringement on someone else's intellectual property.

Thought Leaders

Taylor Swift Strategies Every Tech Leader Should Apply in 2024

From more progressive intellectual property management to breakthrough community engagement, here's what tech entrepreneurs can learn from Taylor Swift.

Business Plans

What Technology Needs to Include In Your Business Plan

Listing tech infrastructure, software, and digital tools showcases your ability to streamline processes and enhance efficiency.

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5 Things to Look for When Hiring a Patent Portfolio Manager

Hiring the right patent portfolio manager is critical to maximizing your enterprise's intellectual property (IP) potential. A competent manager must possess a blend of these five key competencies.

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Unlocking the Market Potential of Your Patent Portfolio — A Guide for Entrepreneurs

Learn strategic ways to showcase your patents' worth, be it as a business shield, through legal wins or by identifying potential infringements.

Science & Technology

Think Like a Spy: How Open Source Intelligence Can Give You a Competitive Advantage

Open-source intelligence is a tool that provides organizations with a powerful vantage point to identify potential risks, track critical trends, and monitor competitor activities.

News and Trends

Storm Clouds Gather For Innovators And Creators As Intellectual Property Rights Face Policy Headwinds, New Report Warns

The report covers everything from patent and copyright laws to the ability to monetize IP assets and the ratification of international agreements

Growing a Business

Content Thieves Stealing and Posting Your Work As Their Own? Here's How to Deal With Them.

If you've had your content stolen online, there are options available to help you get it removed quickly and effectively.

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Protect your Property With This Easy Tool

Patents not only offer an extra layer of innovation protection, but they are also a great way to protect your business's intellectual property.

Business News

Colonel Sanders' Iconic House Is for Sale for $9 Million, but There's a Catch Ruffling KFC's Feathers

The lucky buyer will get intellectual and physical property.


4 Intellectual Property Mistakes Startups Make and How to Avoid Them

Ensuring that your company's IP is protected is the most vital step a business owner can take.

Starting a Business

Startups Must Protect Their Trademark. Here's How and Why

Here's how to protect your brand's most valuable asset: trademarks.

Thought Leaders

Your Ideas and Trade Secrets Are at Risk. Here's How to Protect Them.

With companies facing increased threats to their intellectual property, the fight is on to protect valuable IP.


An In And Out Revelation About Global IP Regime

Mr Patrick Kilbride shares his perspectives on the significance of GIPC'S work on IP

Science & Technology

Why Intellectual Property Will Dominate NFTs

NFTs are an emerging art form. And like the films, plays and other media that preceded them, they'll eventually be subject to the same immutable laws governing longevity, profitability and mass appeal.