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How Your Business Can Benefit From a Micro-Internship Program

Employers who are turning to unusual hiring and retention tactics, such as micro-internships, are having success. Here's why.

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Jefferies CEO Shares 15 Pieces of Advice He Wishes He Knew as a Summer Intern on Wall Street

Interns at Jefferies embark on a 10-week program with a pro-rated salary of $110,000 for the internship period.

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Despite Widespread Layoffs, the Tech Industry Still Dominates For the Highest Paying Internships

A new report found that of the 25 highest-paying internships, 16 were in the tech industry — with some offering over $9,000 a month.


5 Ways to Develop Leaders Within Your Own Ranks

Organizations need to strategize in these five ways if they want to develop leaders already in their employment.


Do I Really Have To Pay My Interns? What Business Owners Need to Know About Internships and Labor Laws

Whether you're a new startup or a seasoned business owner, it's important to know the legalities of labor laws, especially when offering unpaid internships.

Science & Technology

Accelerate Self-Motivated Employee Upskilling With Web 3.0 Rewards

Training and upskilling via a shared and often blockchain-enabled 'ecosystem' should be an integral part of any organization's human resources planning, and adding incentives to the process makes it even more effective.

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16-Year-Old Interns in Singapore Are Managing Billion-Dollar Portfolios. Here's Why.

In an interesting move, hedge funds in the Southeast Asian city-state are reportedly training local teenagers to manage the wealth of billionaires.


Why You Need Summer Interns Now, and 3 Tips for Hiring the Best Ones

If you want to connect with best talent and have the most success, this is the time to kick-off your company's internship initiatives. College and university students from across the country are on the hunt for summer internships.


How to Provide Valuable Career Experience to Your Interns

For those new in their careers, internships are a vital launching pad, and the guidance from a mentor can improve their chances of landing a job.

Growth Strategies

For A Post COVID-19 World, Internship Programs Too Must Adapt And Go Virtual

While the ability to sit down physically in the same office as our interns and spend a full day working with them has been taken away from us this year, the reasons for us wanting to have interns and engage with students hasn't changed.

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Will There Be Internships This Summer?

In some cases, the talent pipelines are simply on pause. We took a look at how companies, students and even community farms are making this rite of passage work amid quarantine.

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Internship Seekers On the Rise, Start-Ups and SMEs Biggest Gainers

According to an Internshala report, the total number of internship seekers in 2019 saw a 54 per cent jump from a year earlier.

Thought Leaders

How Burned-Out Workers Are Jump-Starting Their Careers

Plenty of professionals are resetting with mid-career internships.


How Apprenticeships Can Benefit Your Company's Bottom Line

Training entry-level workers is a rare win-win for workers and their employers.

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On Momternships: Do Working Moms Really Need to Start From Scratch?

Returning to the workforce shouldn't require jumping through so many hoops.