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Don't File for That Patent Yet

Instead of a utility patent, a provisional patent or a trademark could be a better first step.

Tamara Monosoff

A Surefire Way to Get a Licensing Agreement

Prove that your product is a low-risk investment.

Tamara Monosoff

Why Stay Onshore?

While many U.S. companies were offshoring, one Taiwanese immigrant saw an opportunity for made-in-America products.

Deborah Song

Get Rich Off Your Million-Dollar Idea

It's not geniuses who come up with inventions. It's normal people who see a better way to do things.

Wendy Robbins

The Future Is...Later

A backlog of applications at the U.S. Patent Office has innovation in a stranglehold.

David Port

'I'm Gonna Be on TV!'

Beware the lure of the direct-response companies that produce late-night TV ads--at your expense.

Tamara Monosoff

From T-Shirt Salesman to TV Icon

As he prepares to put small business in the spotlight, reality TV titan Mark Burnett reflects on his own entrepreneurial journey.

Jennifer Wang

Money Isn't Everything

Consider these 5 factors before you start searching for investors.

Tamara Monosoff

Innovation for Things We Carry

How bondage and punk rock inspired a new way of accessorizing.

Donnell Alexander

Get Your Product to Market in Six Steps

You're the best person for the job, so get started.

Tamara Monosoff

Time to Fold? Here's a Primer

Learn how to use bankruptcy as a tool if it's time for your inventions-based business to close shop.

Tamara Monosoff

New Regulations Impact Toy Makers

Congress is cracking down after the China toy recall. Here's what you need to know about the latest regulatory standards.

Tamara Monosoff